Monday, February 20, 2012


  By His Grace and Mercy.... in the name of Jesus, I am Blessed.....
 Believers, Every Day You Better Enjoy Your Spiritual and natural Blessings that God has provided to you in the Name of Jesus!!  What Better Way to Honor and Give God the Glory than to ENJOY How He Has Blessed you!
God has created a cycle, a process in which our Daily Portion (Jesus) Is Ours For each and Every day! Everything He Gave to Jesus, Jesus Gives Freely and Willingly to us!

No matter who in your life Would Not come Along on this Love and Faith Journey, God Has Blessed You!
No matter Who God has cut away from your life--God Has Blessed You!
No matter What others say or do, God Has Blessed you!
No matter how many weeds grow around you attacking you each day, God Has Blessed You!
No matter What happens or does Not happen, Obey God, because God Has Blessed you!

No matter how you started in life, God Has Blessed you to succeed by His Will, Plans And Purposes--Align Yourself with Him-Stay Aligned with Him EVERY DAY, So that You Will not ignore, reject and pervert His Blessings And this Way, God Can continue to bless you.

No matter Who tries to imitate you because weeds Do grow with the Good Seed, No matter who lies about you, who rejects you, who is jealous and envious about you, who tries to become a stumbling block in your life--Praise The Lord Jesus, Because GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!

We are given in order to Share Everything He has Provided to you And Be a Blessing to all others, Because God Has Blessed You.
 He has provided to us Spiritual and natural blessings. He supplies to us so that we are His Help here to all those who do not have.
No matter if the Odds are against us or for us, we Are Going To Make It by the way in God's plans. The Lord's Will Is our will!.

You can't let people get to you who desire what you have and who you are, but do not want to do the work to get to those levels of growth and maturity.

I am Not sorry that While others were feeding their emotions, playing, sleeping, and focusing on the foolishness of this world, I Was/Am Sitting with God, I was/am learning from God, I was/am Being corrected, I was/am Being used by God, I was/am Being Changed by His Love, I was/am sharing Everything God has given to me, I Was/Am Obeying God's Directions and did/do what He told me to do.
He rains on the tare and the wheat, on the just and the unjust.

He has chosen and called Many, offered His
invitation.  He uses Us to spread this Invitation and I don't know about any of you, but I know I am spreading the seeds that our God has provided to me.  We are the example, the reflection, the ones who introduce Him to those in need.
 What we Sow we will Reap!

Everyday Is a Day to Say Yes to GOD, IJN Amen!

Praising Him for He Is Faithful To Do As He Said He would Do If I only Believe and Trust by Faith, AND I Do Believe and Trust Him by This growing, Maturing Faith that He has Blessed me with For His Glory in and through my life! Hallelujah!

There comes a Time of Spiritual Growth and Maturity where your trust and faith Becomes Confident Trust and Radical Faith!

Luke 6:38
Luke 6:34-40
Luke 6:27-28
Deut 6:11
Proverb 10
Proverb 8
Proverb 6

"...The Blessings of the LORD Bring No Sorrow... !"
  Proverbs 10:22

*I encourage you to read this Proverb in the Amplified and the Message Bible. You Will be increased Richly by doing so!*

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011, 2012 WisdomTeachesme

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