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"Blessed And fortunate And happy And spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again Child of God Enjoys His favor And salvation) Are Those who hunger And thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God), for they Shall Be Completely Satisfied!"
Matt 5:6 (Amp)

Here we are, At the Lord's Table, Hungry and Thirsty for His Righteousness, for His Glory through our lives for this day. Every thing spiritual and natural that we are in need of Is Here At His Table! Please Pass that bowl of obedience, of Grace, Mercy, Love, Forgiveness, Ways Made Through, Giving, Generosity, Favor, Anointing, etc....Everything any of us needs, Is At the Table of the Lord of Feast! Tell Him that His Love woke you this morning And that You woke Up Hungry And Thirsty--And He Will Feed you!

For those who live to be led by His Love, His Will, His Plans, Purposes and His Holy Spirit,
Concerning our Power to Be what we Say.In order to have God's Spiritual results for our natural situations we have to Be His Word.
We need to remember that for us, to Be His Words are just as important as to hear and speak His words.
That when The Power that He gave us is seen by our Actions we are strengthened and are Able to Do what He did concerning small and large things.
Those that watch us, hear about Faith in Him more times than you know, but to See our Faith released Speaks louder of Him in the deepest places of them that need Him the most. For He has said, that where we are He Is, and we allow Him to flow from our hearts and spirit by our Actions before our words.
People will not be moved by just hearing about His Peace, but to See that His Peace keep us calm, not full of panic and confusion no matter what challenges we face will allow His Spiritual Power to be Known.

Not just to hear about His Joy, but to See His Joy rise up from the depth of our heart and Spirit where His true Power and Peace live.  To have it ripple across the surface of all troubles, going down to the root of the problem turning around what is wrong into Good, Will reveal His Glory through our lives.  Which will provide to us His Spiritual solutions for our natural situations and challenges as well as reveal Him to those who do not know Him as we do.

When we Obey His directions, stepping where He leads us, in the midst of those who only see with natural eyes and speak doubt and fear, We reveal we are His Faith, we Are His Trust, we Know what He has promised to us And that He Will deliver us by those Promises for His Will and Glory.

For those who live to be led By His Love, His Will, His Plans, Purposes and His Holy Spirit, when 'things' fall short of completion as He said 'it' would come to Pass, as He Ordered them to be, when 'things' fall short of bringing God His Glory, we can trace this back to our not doing things God's Way.
 Forgetting His Purpose, loosing focus that His motives Are To Be our motives,  trying to infuse human thinking with it's narrow outcomes  in with His Thinking and His planned outcomes, makes us fall short.

Every day we need to Realize that we have to shut out deliberate selfishness, hypocrisy, hatred, rebellion, shut out every thing that is self serving and guides us to  do things our way.  Yes we do already have everything in us to Spiritually and naturally prosper, but we have to allow all that He has placed in us to grow, mature and Lead us. He Has planted all His divine seeds in us, but We have to allow Him to nurture them and feed us so that they produce what He intends for them to deliver!

Being His Word.
We live in His Perfect Truth, His Present Truth for this day.
Wisdom Raises Her Voice And Calls To All who have ears that hear! It is time for a Spiritual cleansing of our dwelling place. Our homes, our minds, our heart, our bodies, to sanctify Every place that is His Temple.
Time to cleanse the spiritual atmosphere by anointing our eyes, the doors to our heart, our windows and doors to our actual home so that we forbid satan from entering.  Our enemy always has works of darkness sent toward us to stop us--Where have you allowed him to have access in your life?
The Lord desires to Establish us -- our sanctuary, our place of protection, to be And stay covered by His anointing which will Break Every yoke that our enemy has sent to invade us and turn us away from obeying our Lord. We have the power to break all curses, to remove every evil spirit from entering our lives and making themselves at home in us.

If necessary anoint your car, your children, your feet and hands with His Anointing Oil and your faith, what ever God leads you to do--do that!  Clean up what is broken, where you have fallen short, Give it All to God in the name of Jesus, for our God is the God of mending, of connecting the broken pieces of our lives into a New Pattern, a New Vision for His Glory! When given to Him , nothing is wasted!
Let go of fantasy, lust and lack of self-control and self-discipline! They only lead to disappointment and unfulfilled human desires.  When we say we desire and long for His Will, then we have to let go of desiring worldly things.  What ever you want the most, replace that with a single focused desire for His Glory and all else will follow into your life. Stop yourself from following your flesh rather than His Spirit and allow the Spiritual cleansing that is Needed to pour forth and strengthen your foundation and relationship with Him.

"From the end of the earth I Will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to The Rock That Is Higher than I!"
Psalms 61:2

We are His chosen people and He Always directs our steps. There are times when we Must go higher with Him--He will show us by example and by signs that cannot be disputed concerning the ways we are to go, the things we are to do, and when we need to change direction.  Our Lord Will Make sure that we do Not misunderstand His Leading--we need to Pay Attention so that we do Not miss His signs or His Voice.

"How Great Are His Signs, And How Mighty His Wonders! His Kingdom Is an Everlasting Kingdom, And His Dominion Is from generation to generation!" Daniel 4:3

When we allow Him to grow  us further into the Freedom that He has established through Jesus for us, we are able to be lifted up Higher with Him--Spiritually minded, filled with, overflowing with His Spirit in an enormous amount, that we are elevated in His Kingdom. He keeps us in this place, and prepares us to be vessels of Good unto Him. When He opens our eyes we need to Keep them open, so that we will see, be watchful and understand the Reality of His Kingdom in the ways we have not experienced yet. Seek revelation from His Spirit-seek His Spirit to Rest on you and to break every yoke of Every bondage that binds you from living within His complete Freedom and Will. 
His anointing Does go forth making the Way for us so that we do not stumble and He wards off fear and doubt as we go where He leads us.  What ever He sends you to do in the name of Jesus, His anointing will make sure that we Are able to accomplish His Will at the proper time He has set forth.

I am enjoying This Journey filled with His Love, Will, Plans, Purposes and Glory, every day becoming His Word, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Luke 21:10-18; 2 Cor 9; Proverb 3:4-6; Proverb 8; Proverb 18:16; Romans 14:13

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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