Thursday, July 29, 2010


I pray the Words on this post and blog bless your heart, spirit and soul in the name of Jesus!
 Stand Strong And Never Allow people, troubles, situations, circumstances, mistakes, failure or your past, to Have The Power to steal your Joy, your Faith, your Trust or your Hope in our Lord!  These 'things' Can only have the Power if you give it to them.  One good way to Allow them to steal your Daily Portion is by not learning the lessons and continuing to make the same bad choices that keeps you in a 'running in place' cycle.
Remember Through All these 'things' that Are a part of our every day  living, In The Name Of Jesus, God Always Directs us In the Way we should Go, Grow, and Mature! If you are His, then you know His Voice, and if you know His Voice, then when you hear it, you will Do whatever He tells you to do.  "If you [really] love Me, you will keep (obey) My commands." John 14:13-18 
Friends, if you do not know His voice, please go to Him in Prayer and ask for this to be increased in your heart.  In the name of Jesus, He Will make it so for you.
This is the testing of our character, our motives, our faith and trust in our Lord.  He is watching to see if we who praise Him, and call upon Him for help, and Say we love Him, will obey Him by complete faith.  He is showing us Just How Deep our faith and trust in Him is. We also are being given the opportunities that will help us to Spiritually and emotionally grow, and mature.  God reveals to us how we act and react in order to show us the places in our heart and character that are in need of His Changes-in need of More of His Love.
Many do a lot of talking, saying they Love Him, but they will not do even the basic of things For Him.  They just give lip service especially around other people. They really don't believe and they are considered false disciples or believers.
Their fruit gives them away.  Just let a strong wind blow on them, let a few 'issues' pop up, let something happen that touches their life  or just let someone at their work place, home, or school, treat them badly and speak rude to them; they don't act or react much like someone who Claims to Love Jesus so much, nor to have faith and trust in Him either. They don't act like Some one who recognizes Right Away that Going to Jesus for help is what should be done First. Not trying to figure things out on their own, or asking every one else what they think they should do to see if any of them know, which they do not.  They do not Use any of their God Given Daily Portion to glorify God,  if they even use any of it. 
 Our God Given Daily Portion (Daily Bread) is Filled with More Than Enough of Every Spiritual Gift that we Will need to live through each and every day.  Every day God supplies our Daily Portion to be used to do more for us and for others than we could Ever Imagine.
Inside you will find, in good measure of The Power of  Love, Possibilities, Miracles, Compassion, Forgiveness, Repentance, Self-Control,  Mercy, Grace, Righteousness, Obedience, Expectation, Joy, Hope, Faith, Trust, His Presence, His Guidance, His Teachings, His Correction, His Wisdom, His Knowledge, His Understanding, And so Much More.  All waiting for us to Receive this blessing from our Father and then Proceed to use it All up by the end of the day.
Take a moment, and think back through your day so far today. What kinds of good and/or bad things happened to you?  What kind of Opportunities has God provided to you so far today?  If something didn't go your way, or if you were/are around people that can be mean-spirited, selfish, liars, who follow fear instead of faith, how do they make you act and react?  Did you grab hold of any of the opportunities that God planned & provided for this day?  The Opportunities to praise Him, to speak to Him, to lean on and depend on Him, to grow and mature in Him. The opportunity to strengthen your self-control by not being tempted into opposing His Will for us.
When we Remember On Purpose to thank Him in the Morning and rely on His Holy Spirit to lead us and teach us to wisely use the Spiritual Gifts in your Daily Portion, we are Pleasing to God.  We are showing Love and Appreciation to God for His Love for us.  Jesus is the Way that we are able to be provided with our Daily Portion.  We are Partakers of Everything that our Father has given to Him, He freely gives it all to us.
Our Daily Portion is not just meant to be used to help ourselves, but also to help others He directs us to help.  His opportunities come in ways that many people never see.  Showing Kindness when someone is rude to you. Sharing some of what you have been given when someone is short at the check out line.  Showing compassion by going out of your way to do something for someone.  Thanking our Lord when you don't get in an accident.  Having a Grateful heart for His Watchful Eye for your family and friends, and telling Him.  Praising Him for Always being On time with His Help, and Supply to us.  A humble heart that keeps us teachable and moldable in His hands.
All of these are opportunities God has supplied that when done in the name of Jesus, God gets All the glory and honor.  All of these are acts, the mark of a good character, but they are done in trust and faith in the name of Jesus, unto our God.  He said in Psalm 32:8 that, 
"I [the Lord] Will Instruct you And Teach you In The Way you Should go; I Will Counsel you With My eye upon you."
 This verse applies to His Wisdom, Not ours! His Eye, Not Ours! 
 "But as for me, I Will Look To the Lord And Confident in Him I Will Keep Watch; I Will Wait With Hope and Expectancy For the God of my Salvation; my God Will Hear me!"  
Micah 7:7
I used to follow my own eye, but I didn't like where I was taking me.
He Is My Portion!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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Michelle Lanier said...

This is right on time! I appreciate how the words God sends through you are rooted in always encouraging a deeper listening to God's voice. Seeking Him first is absolutely what we are called to do! Thank for your generosity in sharing this Wisdom. Thank you reminding us of the goodness of our daily portion AND that to be led by Her eye is holy and actually the reason God created us.