Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is a confession of faith and trust in the Lord! Stand with me and let us confess from our mouths what we believe and Who our hearts love! To speak outloud my Devotion to God in the name of Jesus. Will you join me?

This is another day, O LORD, I know not what it will bring forth, but make me ready LORD, for whatever it will be. If I am to stand up, Help me to stand bravely. If I am to sit still, Help me to sit quietly. If I am to lie low, Help me to do it patiently. And if I am to do nothing, Let me do it gallantly. Make these words more than words, and Give me the Spirit of Jesus, Amen.~From The Book of Common Prayer (1979)

Greetings to you my friends in the name of Jesus! It is a wonderful day to give praise unto the Lord! Amen. My beloved partner and I were given a wonderful opportunity to hear and meet the Rt. Reverend Bishop Gene Robinson, Monday (10.6.08), at Duke University. He was invited to speak by the LGBT Center’s Director Janie Long.

I fully enjoyed the talk that my partner and I attended, and wished that we could have attended the other events that were planned. But the timing was not working for us. I will check with Ms. Long to see if they recorded the others that we were not able to attend. The titles of his talks alone got me excited!

After I got home Monday afternoon and had some quiet time to reflect on his talk and our brief, but rich and sweet conversation, I was full of inspiration and a new calmness that settled in my spirit. A deeper peace and understanding became apparent to me and I released myself to move fully into it. Amen.

To be so abundantly blessed by the humbled love this man has in his heart for Jesus—to receive such a Word from God through him as I was given a few minutes which I asked him 2 questions, is more valuable than any gold or silver! Lord I thank You with all that you have made me to be!
I have always accepted myself as a lesbian and a Believer in Jesus Christ. To meet Bishop Gene was an uplifting and refreshing time for me. God confirmed many things through our meeting.
I encourage you to love yourself Just AS God has created you to be! Doing so will please Father God abundantly.

I am not here to argue with anyone, I am not here to change anyone...I am called to encourage His chosen and called as we all walk along this journey with Jesus. I am here to share my faith and as I do, I pray that what I write will be a blessing to all the other LGBT people and LGBT straight allies who also Love God through Jesus Christ.
Being a lesbian does not keep me from Loving God and being a believer in Jesus Christ. A Christian. Serving Him is in my heart.
My sisters and brothers, Let us always continue to encourage one another as long as necessary—let us continue to remember that Iron Sharpens Iron (Pro. 27:17).

I hope that you are blessed over and above from what I have been led to write.

Let us always continue to have faith-to live faithfully, and to remain authentic to who God has made us to be. To continue to claim and remain faithful to Who We Are! Amen.

We all have some Triumph somewhere in us—Let us find it and allow it to come forth as we claim Victory after Victory in Jesus each day that our Father awakens us to greet a new day! Praise Be to Our Father Who Is Faithful to those that He has called by His name! Glory Hallelujah!

I come to encourage you to Rise above fear, flesh, and earthly things so that you can hear our Fathers voice. He knows that there are many things that compete for our attention. But know this truth, that He Will not compete, Yes, Jesus is always standing by quietly, waiting for us to come and seek God's face--doing so will give us the wisdom and direction that we need daily.

If you stay focused on your view of ‘things not spiritual’ this direction Will only lead to confusion. But, I am here to tell you that His gift of discernment will lead to good judgment and a righteous direction for each of our lives.

Part of being His Child, is to go to Him and invest in a relationship through Jesus Christ. To spend time with Him. Keeping your mind on who He is and what He can do and what He has already done. He already knows everything about each of us....have you thought about to ask Him to reveal everything about Him to you?

We can do that you know. :)

The more you learn about Him through reading His word and through His Holy Spirit, we are filled with many abilities never thought about. Spend time with Him, you will come to know Him better.

What is your deliverance story? Write it down and learn it--you will have to speak your testimony to be His witness.
That is your testimony as His Witness. A Witness to All that His love Has Already Done!
He is offering us a Divine Exchange of our ashes for His Beauty!

1 Corinthians 14:33 “ For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”

In the name of Jesus my Father do I come to You to acknowledge that Today I will receive and walk in Your Divine Wisdom In Everything that I do. I claim this victory for my life not just for one day, but for my eternal life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Your Spirit is at work in my life’s foundation to keep me—You Father have called me to live by my faith and in faithfulness I am led. You speak to my heart to guide my soul—I have been born again by Your Divine Spirit! And my soul has been transformed—my flesh is changed. Thank You Jesus!

I will always have Certain faith in uncertain times! I will seek You Father not earthly things. They will be supplied as I seek Your face Father.
I will never allow what I do not have to define me; I will never allow the mistakes of my past to become my foundation. There is no room for negative and self-pity in my heart—You have filled up every space in my heart! It belongs to Jesus!

I boldly stand and refuse to build upon any injustice that has been done to me or allow a comparison to be drawn to over shadow and humiliate me by anyone.No one can re-name me—I reject all oppression—Satan Will Not steal my JOY!

All day-every day I choose Your Will for my life as the One definition I consider. I will write the vision and make it plain so that what You have started implementing in my life Will be completed because You have spoken my beginning, my middle, and my ending for Victory through Jesus Christ.

One day at a time I live and keep my focus on one day at a time.You my Father, I know that You love me unconditionally and You are always working behind the scenes, often when I least expect it—to protect me, to guide me, to grow me, to provide for me, and when needed, to get me back on track! Amen!

I Will continue to build upon my strengths In You, The Almighty God that I do have and I refuse any other path that is presented to me. I know that You will not align Yourself with willful sin or an unrepentant heart. Therefore, I ask You to forgive me, to clean me and to correct me each and every day in Jesus’ name.

The focus may be whether or not I am convicted—have I willfully chosen the wrong paths and people without realizing it? I must check myself often to consider my motives that are related to every thought, spoken word, action or non-action. I repent and release all wrongs done unto me or mine, I forgive myself and I claim and hold tightly the Grace and Mercy that Jesus died to give me—Forgive me oh my Father for the times where i was so wrapped up in my own life that i did not treat others with the compassion, love, with the understanding and attention that they needed. I am so sorry and want another chance to do it right in Jesus' name. At these times i confess that i took my eyes off of You. I am so sorry. I receive Your forgiveness Father.

I desire a clean heart daily in order to receive all of Your love my Father.I know that wrong paths and people will create a foundation of flesh driven choices that can and will side-track me again and again—The Proud man stands out because “his soul is not straight”; the more he concentrates upon his flesh the stronger it becomes!

I Will continue to allow my most Holy Faith to remind me of All that You God have performed in my life already!

I know that I may be tempted by the enemy to pity myself concerning my current situation and condition or to look at my life with regret—but because of Your Wisdom LORD, I know that perspective will not benefit me. Amen.

I choose to REJOICE in YOUR GOODNESS FATHER, knowing that You have always walked with me and brought me through all adversity.

YOU, Oh LORD, have directed my steps and have rescued me repeatedly from the works and plans of the enemy against me. I am a witness to what Your love has done for me and through me. I will speak out my devotion to you and will tell everyone that will listen about the deliverance of my life by Your unchanging hands.

I love myself! I love myself! I love myself because God approves of me!

All this Joy that He has given is for who so ever believes and loves Him also.

Again= I encourage you to love yourself Just AS God has created you to be!
I am not here to argue with anyone, I am not to change anyone...I am called to encourage His chosen and called as we all walk along this journey with Jesus.

Being a lesbian does not keep me from Loving God and being a believer in Jesus Christ. A Christian. Serving Him is in my heart.

He may not approve of everything I do-(especially if I disobey Him-not because I am a lesbian)—But He told Jeremiah that He knew us before He birthed us in our mother’s womb! And He still approves of me and has called me to be used for His people! Hallelujah!

This is not a self-centered self love—it is selfless and fulfilling from His love! I am not in love with myself—but I love who God has created me to be and I plan to spend every day allowing His love to continue to change me.

The goodness that is in me is not my own goodness—BUT the goodness of God in me—Christ in me—My hope is In Him! I am balanced. Just like His goodness in you. That same Goodness that is In each person that has received Jesus as His son and has confessed a love for Him and His Will.

Simple and straightforward do I come and speak the Word of His Spirit through me in order to give you what you need on this day. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Let your eyes see what they have been opened to see! God’s truth!

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that HE Who has begun a good work in you Will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

I will continue to Speak An Eternal Yes to Jesus! To whatever—no matter what—give me Your plan LORD—I release my plans for Yours. I say Yes to an eternal Victory In Jesus—I plan to bring a few people with me to heaven LORD. Will you?

Thank You Lord for taking my ashes for Your Beauty! Eternal Righteousness! A Divine Exchange! Amen!
What are you investing your life, your time, your money, your heart, your love into?

What kind of return are you receiving from your investing?Think about changing your focus and investing all you have and all you are in Jesus. And watch a return to large that your lifetime will not hold it! Amen!

ISA. 61:1-3 ;7-8
Habakkuk 2:4; 2

TRUST HIM! -Dorothy Norwood





Anonymous said...

Your recent post has just confirmed my thoughts and feelings I had about the film, "For The Bible Tells Me So" featuring Bishop Gene Robinson. I watched it this evening, then happened to read this post a few hours later. Amazing. God is so good to me, to let me know that I am in accordance with Him. Looking at this film I could see the Spirit move within Bishop Gene and understand your peace in speaking to him in person.
Love & Peace, Debra

wisdomteachesme said...

hello my sister!

yes, Bishop Gene is full of the LOrds Love and anointing!

It was truely a blessed opportunity that beloved and I were given from our Percious Father!

it is good to hear from you again! you have been on mind.

be well!