Thursday, December 13, 2007


I greet you with the Love and Courage of Jesus this day. With God's rememberance of us all. (Jer. 24:7) This is the Season of Life.

These teachings are not for the fence-straddlers-not for the double minded, not for the naysayers, not for the hearts of coldness, not for the people who want their way all the time--but for the people that are commited to following God, for those that want to strengthen their relationship with God, for those that want to grow. This is for those who want the better life-the great life that only our Father can afford!

There is a great work being done in all of us. (Ephesians 2:10), All that want His refining fire ,(Malachi 3) to melt away the dross and allow the pureness of His Love to shine from us. There are many that are in need of the light that lives in us-put there by the Love of God Himself. We are to be the light and to walk in the light.

So many are looking for something; to belong, to be loved, so many think God has forgotten about them-this is a huge lie sent out by satan. What it is, is that, so many people have forgotten about God. So many have never known the truth about God, so many don't know how to talk to Him and be in His presence. So many don't know what they do not know- So many are searching for His light-and He is using us, to shine that light through to them! Why are some of you that have been given a light to lead-hiding under the bed?

Those that have been called and chosen to be God's leaders, are within a reflective season.

I have been told it should be called "The Sleeping Giant Season."

Many of these people are not well known, and some are aware that He has called them, but they are selfishly running. Those that do know that God is in the work they are doing are busy with the assignments and His work. They are trying to keep to His specifications and not add their own. Many have reached a place in which, they do not realize where they are or what is going on--their Strength is fading, their Joy seems to be hiding, their Courage needs new legs to stand on. Many feel the bumps, lumps, and the craziness of this world more than His presence in their lives. Many are becoming discouraged, and want to give up, return to their old lives, (which will not happen-as you cannot glue ashes back together).

Just as in the Bible, God called the ones that were not flashy, and glitter filled to carry out His plans. They had a heart for God and a commitment to obey Him fully. Many of the women and men in the Bible that did God's will, don't have books named for them in the Bible, they don't have a village, army, or well named for them and to use at their beck and call. They had a heart for God. But ohhh, the work that they did for God-the calling that they accepted and how they did all they could do-then they left the rest up to God. When you learn about and understand the conditions that people lived in and under during the times in the Bible- you will start to "catch yourself" and correct yourself when you think/say what you can't do and begin to make a list of can'ts. Remember your "Thank-You God list".

Let me tell you this, let me speak this into your spiritman, God has not forgotten any of us, Be Patient!

You are a Sleeping Giant. Your work is not in vain!

He is not finished with us yet, be patient with yourself and with others. Stop trying to turn His work/plans and timing into what you want them to be. That is one hinderance that causes Him to go and straighten things out many times over in some of our lives-as many people will not fully obey Him. When He has to correct the same things in your life over and over, it wastes valuable time and creates setbacks-but also, know that you will learn to do it correctly even if you have to walk that mountain trail for years! (this would be why some of you are thinking, why is 'this' happening again!?)

Hear me when I say to you= Please Get out of the way! What ever your work is, you do not have all the blue prints for the building of it, nor are you the designer, the contractor, the inspection person, or the supplier!

You are not suppose to be or to know all of that--the blue print that you do have is Faith! Use that - seek guidance and wisdom from that-trust in that. Stop trying to turn Gods plans for your life into what you selfishly want them to be. You are slowing yourself down because you are stubborn and selfish.

At this point of your journey, you should be resting everyday in Him. We are on God's train, you don't need to pack anything, you do not need to bring an ID - He knows your name and Whose you are, you do not need to bring anything except your ticket - which is called faith- and it is paid for in full. So take your seat and Leave the driving to God. Stop trying to figure out where we are going-you are wasting good energy and time--There is no specific destination that we have ever been to or heard about on this earth stamped on your ticket-- What is stamped on your ticket-the destination is, "Your Will Be done Father, not mine."

Memorize this destination-do not forget it- write it on your heart and meditate on It. Now, sit back and reflect on all the times and places that God stepped in-saved you in order to bring you to this point of your life. Remember and thank Him for all the times that you did not fully obey Him and got tangled up in some fleshy mess and He had to come and get you out. Stop complaining about going through the consequences that your actions created! Go through them and GLEAN what you can from those bones, pick those bones clean and learn from all that has happened in your life! And keep thanking Him and praising Him! That is your job. To let your light shine so that others will walk toward it and to Him!

Stop trying to see ahead--you will not until He says it is time for you to know what lies ahead. He will tell you, in His timing! (John 5:20)

While on this train, you are a Sleeping Giant, this means that there is physically nothing that you can do at this point concerning changing anything in your life or those around you. Allow God to restore and bring to life what is in you. Reflect on all the situations and memories that He brings to your mind and spirit-and do what ever He says to do to repair these areas in your heart and life. As Mary told the servants at the wedding, "Do whatever He tells you to do-without question." You are His servant- so listen to our Mother Mary- do whatever God tells you to do without question- do it.

As we sit on the train, filled with the Full and Holy presence of God and all that He is, learn how to learn - open yourself up to His changes--to the transitions that are taking place within your heart, your spirit, and your flesh--open yourself up to the opportunities that He is setting before you. Allow Him to clean everything out of you that you do not need. Allow Him to put into you all that you will need, to be awaken with all the tools, gifts, and maturity that you WILL need to continue on this journey ahead of you in a forward motion and with positive motives.

God is repairing your infrastructure, so that when He awakens you, your outer shell will be sustained by your infrastructure. Many of us have allowed the wrong contractors and designers to put their input into your building/your spiritman/your hearts. Some of you take the cheap way out and allow 'jacklegs' to work on your building to save some pennies, when God is leading you to dollars! You are not to supply your building with anything but Faith, Obedience, Praise and Worship of God our Creator!

There are safety issues to be addressed, there are subpar areas in your building that will fall apart right when you need to stand on them-they will collapse-many of you have allowed some person to be foreman over your life and this person has watered down your materials. The full strength of the concrete has been compromised by human intellect, selfish desires and cheapness. Give God back His position in your life and over your life.

"And I will give them a heart to know (recognize, understand, and be acquainted with) Me, that I am the Lord; and they will be My people, and I will be their God, for they will return to Me with their whole heart."Jer.24:7 (Amp.)

Commentary- "The Lord's answer to His people's inability to maintain the covenant relationship is for He Himself to intervene and create in them a new capacity for knowing Him."

There are blueprints to go by, and we have no idea what should be on what floor, We are His creations-not our own.

Lie and rest on the train, and allow the gifts and fruits of His Spirit to grow in you. Aren't you tired of living the way you have been? Aren't you tired of always trying to figure everything out, trying to make things work for you the way you want, manipulation, lies, stunted and rotten fruit.....being offended at every cross word and action from people-allowing their thinking about you to order your steps? Aren't you tired of being tired? Aren't you tired of always wanting mans recognition, mans awards, and mans ways?

The Sleeping Giants, should be awaiting patiently and with expectation for God to pour all that you will require into you, so that when He gives you the next assignment, the next blessing you will be able to handle it. You will rec' from God what you prayed for-and it will most likely be something on a scale you could have never imagined-you may have the faith to pray your blessing through, but do you have the faith to accept the blessing from Him? (Zechariah & Elizabeth-Luke 1:5-21) Or, you may rec' blessings and assignments that you never asked Him for ,but He has chosen YOU to carry them out for Him. (Mary, mother of Jesus)

What is going to be your answer? What are you going to tell your flesh when it rears up in your face to try and stop you from fully accepting God and all that He has called you to do? You do know that you have the ability that you need?

Will you have allowed God to prepare you to rec' the blessing so as not to lose hold of it? God rewards us when we stand the ground that He placed us on, not the ground that we have been trying to manipulate into the garden that we want.

Live your life for an audience of ONE! You have to be 100% commited to God and not to self. (John 12:24-25) and it takes work-it will not all happen at once.

We all must die to the things of the flesh. Dying to worry, to manipulation, to wanting attention-recognition from people, to reputation, to fear, doubt, to wanting things over wanting God. You have to know that you work and live for an audience of ONE! Submit to the plan and timing of God.

While you are in this Sleeping Giant Season, God is creating a sure balance in your life, in your heart and spirit. Remember, you need the faith to pray for something that will happen, but make sure that God has completed the cleaning process so that doubt will not keep you from rec'ing the answered prayers.

Don't talk from your intellect, your head of thinking, God will shut down that way until you are lined up with His thinking and intellect.

Your gifts will take you places that your experiences can not handle-allow God to strengthen your infrastructure so that when the train pulls into your station-He will awaken your sleeping giant and you will be able to carry the outer shell of your being.

You will be able to complete the assignments, this portion of your journey to His satisfaction.

Who are you now? You are a Sleeping Giant whose garden is being transformed into what is needed for His puposes through your life.

Rest, sit back in your train seat, and listen to His Spirit teach you all that you will need.

'This little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine....'

In His name, Yea Amen.

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