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It is the end of another calender year approaching.
Many believe in leaving behind the entire year in order to move forward into the new one.
I hear them say, " 2013 sucked!" or, "2012 was better than 2011, I hope 2014 is better than last year!" And so on.
With that kind of thinking, they are missing all the small details that God provided in their lives for them to become better.

It's something how some people will focus on the negative challenges and the troubles they have had each year, and label the year based on their negatives and not the positives. Not being able to glean the lessons from what is negative is missing the point of growing through the challenge.  Sadly too many go through and do not grow. 

That won't work for me. Not anymore.  It's been many years since I have looked at my life like that.
Now, I always have a great year, no matter what happened in that year, I have a great year!
My partner and I  have learned to go beneath the surface of things to get the Fullness of what God put into them.

 Too many have a bad habit of comparing things that should not be compared. Each year is valuable in all it does bring and take out of our lives. People compare their lives to other people's lives. They compare what they have with what other people have. They compare their successes to those of other people.
  All that takes a Lot of energy and time that could be used to praise their way through what ever they are in the midst of. Time and energy that could be used to allow their Faith in our Lord to speak out for them. Time and energy that could be used to Sit quietly with the Lord and be changed, to learn and to be corrected.
  Sadly, by comparing what should not be compared, they continue to keep themselves stuck in the middle of the transitions that God is trying to bring them through.
They are focused on their material world and not their Spiritual realm.

Yep, problems, troubles, challenges and issues All helped to create a Great year for us in this home.
All of what God allows to happen in our lives, we know has God's Purpose involved.

We all have messes, the Key to focus on is, Who is in the midst of Your messes?
God or the enemy?

All challenges are not bad or negative, they simply pull us out of our comfort zones, into new and better.  Challenges are created by changes. Some changes are not good, some are very good. Either way, Expecting God to be in the middle of them all, handling the Outcome, will enable us to grow through and glean what we need to.

Changes always bring challenges in which we will need the Lord to help us grow into, to learn and apply the lessons from them. To have our wisdom, clarity and love stretched to accommodate all that God has in store for us.
  Some changes we create all on our own, others are created by the enemy and still others are created by God.
Challenges are a time when we are to be steadfast and consistent in our faith and trust in the Lord. Yes, we can be highly favored, blessed in abundance, called and anointed, used for His good, and Still have challenges to face. 

Entering into a new year I will not leave behind all the things God has taught me.
All the things God has blessed us with. All the things I didn't understand, but now I do. All the lessons I have learned through my mistakes. I will not Leave all my spiritual growth and maturity, the healing, deliverance and forward movement that the troubles, issues, challenges and problems Helped me to achieve.
 Naaaawww, I can't do that!
 I need all of those and more to help me grow through this new year. To help me do what God has planned for me to do.

But, here are the things I will leave behind as the calender year changes. They do not work anymore for me.  Some never did work, and with other things, their usefulness has ended.

I am Leaving the valley thinking and valley vision and all that goes with wilderness/valley life,  to continue to climb this mountain God has led me to.  From the valley wilderness to the mountain climb is where I am.

As I sit on this ledge of this Spiritual mountain I am on, I encourage myself with the Truth and Promises that the Lord has taught me. I remember past times in which God got us through, where God provided in time, where God used me to help, bless and encourage others.  I remember I still have some Praise to God in the name of Jesus, for what He has already done for us.
Yes Lord!

God is always with us, in the beginning, during the middle, and at the end of A Thing.  I decided long ago that in every thing, I desire God's Outcome, and not one I could manipulate into being, which would probably add more troubles and pits for me to climb out of.

Whether the "thing" is a situation, some troubles, a dysfunctional unhealthy relationship,  an illness, a death, lost job, need a car, need healing and deliverance, in need of clarity, patience, and wisdom, in need of forgiveness; What ever the issue or need is, The Key for you to think on is, are you with God?  Or have you gone on our own way?

This is a time of quietness, of allowing what Is Ending To End!
Be grateful that God is ending "it", Him doing so, will truly save you from some future troubles that you cannot see or know right now.
Don't try to keep alive what He has ended. Be it any kind of relationship with another, a job,  be it negative thinking and self defeating actions/choices, be it impatience, a lack of self-control and self-discipline, a lack of forgiveness,  etc...

What ever God has put an end too, Let It End! That is the only way to See the New that God has provided for you.

Who/what are you going to put and keep your faith into?
Some people only want Christ's teachings to work for them, without living for Him. They attempt to add in other things/ways into their relationship with Jesus. That will not work.

Who/what are you going to be loyal to?
 Are you going to be Loyal to the Lord Jesus, or to your feelings, your past mistakes, to the wrongs done to you, the wrongs you've done to others?

 You can't be loyal to the Lord and the New life He is desiring to bring you into, and be loyal to your past. You can keep trying, but you are wasting valuable time and energy. It's akin to the account Jesus taught us about new wine in old wine skins, and old wine in new wine skins.
Let It End!

This is a time to stop trying to Make happen, To Stop trying to Force something to be, that is Not to be.
If it's dead, it's dead.
If it's a plan you have that is not aligned with God's plan for you, it's dead. Stop trying to force it to work. Many people think they are fighting the enemy, when in truth, they are fighting God. God is closing doors, re-directing them, trying to better their character, trying to shift them to focus on Him and not their feelings,  and they keep fighting to do what they want to do. Let It End!

If your thinking is self-defeating, negative, stuck in your past mistakes and wrongs done to you, focused on how you feel, then that kind of thinking is dead.
 If you are trying to copy what you see others doing, and it's not working, that is Not God's plan for you. You are trying to force it to work.

 If you keep the wrong people around you, and God wants you to cut them loose, do so. They are holding you back. You may think you need them, but look back through the years of them being with you, what good and forward moving things have you accomplished with them hanging on to you?

If you have cut loose the Right people, ask God to repair that breach and get back with those God sent to Help you!  Some people get better and their ego kicks in and they feel they don't need certain people in their lives anymore. Bad move.

Some people you allowed to come into your inner circle, but they never should have been there, when God moves them on, Let Them Go! Let It End!

Some people were sent into your life to help you at that point, then they will leave.
 Let them Go! Let It End!

Some people are suppose to stay for the long haul, but they may get tired of waiting on and with God, Living this Way is too hard for them. They allow their insecurities, their lack and their fears to drive them back to the devil they knew.

They are not/were not completely surrendered to the Lord, they are not serious about growing and maturing their relationship with the Lord, they may have been faking, or they may have been trying to get God's favor without doing the Spiritual work needed,  and they may have decided to go back to their old way of living.
 Let them GO!
Don't chase them, don't get mad, it's not about you, 
Let It End! 

People who can easily walk away from where God put them, may not have completely belonged to Him in the first place. They may have been 'trying' the Lord and didn't want to give up their old lives and ways.  It's easy to leave when you never belonged, because you were not committed to Him.
I think about Matthew 13 and John 6:60 and John 6:64-67

Some people run to the newest, shiniest thing, the new trend, the most popular as soon as they tire with what they consider old.  They never stay committed to one thing long enough to make a better difference in their lives. By jumping from one thing to the next, they also cannot feed positive into their relationship with the Lord.

If we have not received and accepted what God has for our Spiritual life, then none of it will come to us in our natural life.

If It is a time where God desires to turn you in a different direction than He started you on, Let Him Do So!
Too many get it stuck in their heads what they want, how they want it and when they want it. They are busy with too many things, forcing things to happen, trying to keep alive what is dead and ended, and then complaining because it's less than what God had planned for them.

Many times they are fighting God thinking they are fighting the enemy.  God is trying to Turn them this way or that way, trying to stop them or lead them forward. But they keep being rebellious and giving themselves excuses for doing so.
Today they want to follow Jesus, two days later they want to do what He said to do, but in their own way, timing and order. That is dead and will not work. Let that kind of thinking End!

He is Trying to give them one thing to do at a time, but they keep piling things on their plate that they can't eat now, they can't do now. They want it all at one time.
If you are attempting to do many things all in the same amount of time, none of it will be done to your best ability.  We are not made to do that. Yes, you may complete the things, but I guarantee, none of them will be to the best of your ability. And they certainly will not be the Best outcome that God had planned for you.

Here at the end of one cycle, season, and calender year, Let It all End that is not aligned with God's plans and promises for you. Let God change your character, heal your heart, deliver you out of places you need to leave and into the places He desires you to be. Become committed in growing and maturing your relationship with the Lord.

 Take into this approaching new year All the lessons learned, your praises, your expectation in God, your maturity, growth and love that you have received this year. Take a humble heart, actively listening ears, a heart for God, the growing and maturing Love and all the other Blessings that God has provided to you. (the Fruit and Gifts of His Spirit)
Take the desire to please God, to honor and glorify God with you. Take with you integrity, commitment, Joy and Peace!
Take your Faith and Trust with you and let His Love be the loudest sound you hear!

In the name of Jesus, so be it!

Happy New Year!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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