Sunday, November 10, 2013


"He must increase, but I must decrease."
  John 3:30

“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”
Mark 4:40b


Concerning the followers of Jesus then, they had doubts, of course they did. 
They were not that different from us now.
After all Jesus did and said in their presence, they still doubted Him. He told them not to trust in the temporary after it's purpose was completed. This still holds true today.

It's the same with us now.  I know you can sit and recall many times in which Jesus was the reason you came through a difficulty, a trouble, a challenge, I know I have a never ending list.
Growing and maturing in our trust is a process, and we have a clear definite part in God's plans. There will be days when you wonder, "Lord, you did hear me right?"
 The more we trust Him, the more our faith will prove Him.

Even with all He has already done for so many, they seem stuck, and still hold doubt in their heart and do not trust that He will step in and lead them out of their bad situation. They doubt He will lead them to the Riches and Mysteries of His Kingdom, so they stay busy saying prayers, but not waiting on God to lead them.
They act on what they think they should do.
When we speak empty prayers and don't wait on God, doing what we think is best, we only make our situation worse, and our waiting time longer.

Sometimes God gives us the preparation beforehand, up front like in an outline, And sometimes, God give us the preparation through a trouble.
You have to grow through the temporary trouble in order to be prepared for the next part that is approaching.

  You have not, because you ask not.
 And if you did ask, did you ask in faith and trust, or did you ask through doubt and fear?  If your ears are not trained to hear the truth, to hear love and correction, then it will be hard to hear His voice. You will also ignore and reject the people that God sends with messages for you, since they are speaking truth and love.

We all have to go through a process of retraining our ears to be able to hear God's truth, love, compassion, corrections, every thing He speaks to us.

 We all grow up hearing lies about ourselves, about others, we treat people wrong, and we are treated wrongly, we are given the wrong definitions and examples for love, forgiveness, compassion, strength, value and worth. 
We hold on to what is temporary and throw away or walk by what is valuable and worthy.
 Our ears and eyes are trained to listen for, to hear and obey the voices of the world, not the Love and Truth of God.
Ask the Lord to retrain your ears and eyes so that you are able to know and hear his voice, to see His handiwork.
For us to be able to do this, the gifts of self control and self-discipline will need strengthening.
 This is a daily work for us, it's not a one time thing.
It has a beginning, a middle and another middle, and another one.... It's Gods process of us being Works In Progress, that lasts a lifetime.

Don't worry about what is temporary.
 Don't allow what is a temporary trouble, challenge or issue to hold you down, to keep you stunted and stuck.
Don't put your trust in the temporary help God provides.
 Keep your trust in the Lord, not in who or what God uses to grow you through.

 Don't make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions, people, things, and situations.

Your End Success is Not in the temporary seasonal things.
Some temporary things God uses only to get us from there to here.
Are you looking for and seeing the daily successes that God blesses us with, or are you waiting till you get to the end to Praise Him and be thankful?

Don't count on one temporary thing to take you all the way. God may use many different temporary things and people to get you where He has planned for you to be at each point and place. 
Keep in mind that You may have to let go of things when God sends a storm to take them away.
Also remember, it may not have been the devil who stole from you--But God who took it away. Don't spend your time following a cliche that you hear from others. I hear others say often, "God is going to get back what the devil stole from me." 
As I said, it may not have been the devil who took it.
Last I read, Jesus already went and got back all the devil stole, so maybe you let it go or lost it, or God took it. The devil can't take anything from us unless we give it to him.
Temporary things, seasons, people, etc... when God takes them please know they have served His purpose in your life.

 Don't get attached and try to preserve what is temporary past it's time to leave, what it came to do is completed.
You may hold yourself back from the Next Thing God is doing for you!

The Blessing of the Lord Makes me Rich, and Adds No Sorrow!
My Gifts Will Make Room for me!

When you completely surrender yourself, your life and your whole being to the Lord, you will stop trying to make things happen your way, you will stop worrying, you will stop doubting, stop unbelief and your lack of trust from controlling you and leading you away from God's Will.
When you finally make up your mind about Who you will serve, you will stop investing in all that fear based foolishness and allow the Holy Spirit to be your all in all.
Until then, you will be double-minded and unable to obey what the Lord tells you to do. 

God Promised to be with You, and I hope you are With God. If you have to ask God to be with you, then maybe where you are going, you should not go!
He Promised to be with Us, not the temporary things, not with the things He uses to get us from here to there, but With Us!

He has many ways to get us where He has planned for us to go.
REST in His Peace while You are being prepared to Receive what you are Expecting from God!

When you are on a Life Path that has Love and Truth on it, You will grow, mature and produce Good. You Will see, learn to appreciate and be changed by the small daily successes that God has provided to us! You will grow and mature in your gifts and fruits of the Spirit, you will share all you have been given.  You will also be open to and willing to be changed, to learn and be corrected where you are wrong.
You will call out for God's Healing to take over in your life! You will desire what God desires for you.

You will become content with the timing, order and pace of God's Processes that we all must go through.
You will learn to REST In Peace, while you Praise Your Way Through each day with unshakeable Faith and Trust!
You will go beneath the surface of the powerless boundaries that the mistakes, falseness, lies, brokenness, pain and disappointments have created around you, to Glean the Good in them.
You will Allow the Lord to Heal you and move you from behind the powerless, false boundaries set into place to Hold you Back by the hurt, brokenness, mistakes and pain that you have experienced in your life.

Many people you have known for years, months, weeks and days may not be able to keep up. They may not be on a Path that has Love and Truth on it, and they are Not growing, maturing and Producing Good.
Some of these people you may have Shared your wisdom, knowledge, understanding and Love with in order to Help them grow and mature. They may take your help, but many Will reject the Love, Trust, Wisdom, Understanding, and Clarity, because they don't want to change. Fear has a strong Grip on them.  Their ears cannot hear truth and love.

Many times you Will Out Grow people.
They stay the same, in the same mindset, same drama, same rut, same immature, selfish, envious, negative and lack filled places. Oh, they have learned to fake it, they can speak the part, and even act a little like a Lover of God does, but they are only fooling themselves. They are producing, but not producing positive, maturing Good things.

No need to feel bad that you have nothing in common with them anymore.
No need to feel conflicted by not wanting to be around them, you can't be around them anymore. Do not try to make them Fit into Your Life if God has removed them!

God has separated you from them, because they have no purpose in This Part of Your life. Some were Suppose to stay in your life, but because of their motives and their character, they have been turned into the temporary.
Still others that God has used in your life to help you or you to help them, will come back around.  They will be in your life for your life time and you in theirs.  We are woven in and out of each others lives daily, and each day we are on a different part of the Golden strand of God's Love and Truth, being woven in His Divine Remanent. 
  We are on the path of grace and love, of Praising our Way Through!

Listen to the Love He speaks to us: Beloved, I Your God have set you on a course that will give you a more intimate relationship with Me! I have created ways for you to notice I am your best Friend, and I need you to help Me accomplish what is Good and Right. I have provided greater clarity and wisdom in your walk in My Spirit.  I have provided a deeper understanding of My purposes for you, but you must take this Walk one step at a time, one day at a time in faith and trust. Every thing I have done will be revealed to you in It's perfect order and timing. I want you to realize the wonder of Friendship with Me.  Giving to Me honor, obedience, dedication, but also loving understanding that I am the best Friend you will ever have.  It's not just what I can do for you, but, what you can do With Me.  Your service becomes different when you understand that I count on you in our Friendship just as you count on Me. When I can count on you to share all I have given to you with all others, then the sweetness of our relationship will be greater.

"You are My friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do."
 John 15:14

Now it happened as they journeyed on the road, that someone said to Him,

"Lord, I will follow You wherever You go." 

Luke 9:57

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007-- 2013 WisdomTeachesme

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