Friday, December 14, 2012


Good Miracle Morning to you all!  In the Love of Jesus, I Hope and Pray that you are already Enjoying the Blessings of this day.
I Pray that these words provide the encouragement that you need, Glory be to God In the name of Jesus!
at Place,
where, when God is quiet, you don't freak out, you sit with Him in His presence and enjoy all that He is. You keep doing the last thing He told you to do until He provides more instruction. You understand that your whole self is being Kept by His Love.
That Place where, you know you don't want anymore outcomes based on your thinking, you Only want His outcomes and you Wait for them, because you know the difference.
That Place where you have learned to Release the cares, concerns and things out of your control to Him-That Place where You see and hear the storm raging around you and you Settle deeper in His love and cast all your concerns over to Him.
Calm and Unmoved, you hear your heart begin to praise Him.
 That Place,
Where you are secure and comfortable in your skin and God's purpose, so you Have No problems Pushing othe
rs forward=helping them Get to where God desires them to be.
 you Understand that helping others obtain what God has for them, Does Not in Any Way Take Away From you=What God Has For you!
That Place,
Where you understand the Importance of others being encouraged so that they don't give up...Because you will actually Need them to Be where God wants them to be in order to Help you at some time in the future.
That Place,
Where you are Not threatened and Not jealous/envious, because of the Calling God placed on others lives, because of the amount of Faith and Trust they have in Jesus, because of the Peace they Live within, nor because of the Purposes God has Chosen them to do for Him.
That Place, where you Understand that if all of His people, called by His Name would Join together, the POWER of LOVE that would generate from this unity would Pave the way open for so Much Good from God to be known, seen and heard.

That Place
Where you Look for God in the Lives of others, because you know these are Opportunities He has provided for you to Offer Thanksgiving to Him, to Appreciate Him, to Praise Him for blessing others.

That Place,
of surrender, where you desire His inspiration, His creativity and His desires for you--You desire to be all that He has planned for you to be, to do all that He has spoken for you to do, to Live as He desires for you to live.****That Place where you allow Patience to provide the Wisdom that you need, the correction that you need, and the knowledge that you need...
That Place
where you Stop trying to make things happen, you Stop being led by your fears, where you Stop thinking that God needs to tell you beforehand what and how and when He is going to do what you need.****
That place
where He delivers you from all your fears.

That place of Deep Peace where you want all your gifts, abilities and talents to be used for His Glory, IJN.
#are you on your way?

#are you there yet?
That Place, of radical confidence, boldness and trust that emotional and spiritual maturity has brought you too, where you don't ask God, you simply Appreciate Him, you Know, you Expect and you say Thank You.
Because You get it, His Best Is Already done for you.
In the name of Jesus, Thanking God.

That Place
where you surrender completely to God in the name of Jesus so that you can be delivered out of what is holding you back.

at Place
where you can look back on what has passed and laugh because of how far you have come because you believed in, trusted in and allowed your faith in God to grow.
in the name of Jesus, i am thanking God...
That Place where you remember that frustration kills faith and hinders God's process, that place where your Faith reveals how Much It has grown as it Slaps Down that spirit of impatience that tries to overwhelm you.
IJN, Thanking God....

That Place when God uses you to be His instrument of Peace in the midst of chaos... you remember that the healthy don't need a doctor, but the sick do.
IJN, thanking God
Gal 6:10


hat Place
where you meet resistance, jealousy, negativity, and rejection from those around you =
and you Remember that God is Using you to forge a New Path of Change, and many don't want that Change to happen=they are threatened by you and the Change that God intends to do.

you Remember, that it doesn't matter who stands against what you have been sent to do and say,
you Remember that the Truth

does not need anyone to accept it = to Be the Truth--

you Remember that God Called you & you are In your Purpose and God has Already gone ahead and made the Way Right.
you Remember to focus on Jesus and God's Glory...
That Place where you Know, that as Long as You continue to Trust Him= His Spirit Will supply in abundance all that you need to accomplish His Purpose for each day.

you Remember that God has done so in your past before, and He will Do It Again!
IJN, Thanking God...

Are you on your way?
Are you there yet?

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
©2010, 2011, 2012 WisdomTeachesme


Anonymous said...

IJN Thank you for the renewal of purpose spurred by your words from God through the Holy Spirit. I receive this Wisdom and thank God for your obedience.

Yours in Christ,


wisdomteachesme said...

Greetings to you Doc!
I rec in the name of Jesus your kind words of love and encouragement!
I am glad that you are encouraged by the work our Lord does through me!
To God Be the Glory in the name of Jesus!