Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Isa 50:4-5

 Sit for a moment my friends, quiet the noise of this world, and listen to the words and encouragement below.  Allow it to flow into your heart and mind and meditate on it. Allow this message to close what needs to be closed And to open what needs to be opened! 
Read this through out the day and allow it to give to you the Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge that you are in need of! Allow God's Grace to flow into every situation and circumstance concerning your life. His Mercy and Grace comfort and strengthen us--they Hold us in His Love!

New Beginnings in our Spiritual and natural life, always bring changes that we must go through.  Changes that will always bring forth Good & Growth for us, even though we cannot see, feel or know this at the moment/beginning.  Through our Faith we are Convinced that God has ordered His Best for us.  We have to Keep walking on Top of the Water focused on Jesus.
We cannot lose sight of this Truth.

Please do not help the devil defeat you through your thinking, fear,  by focusing on what you do not have, being impatient thinking you have waited long enough for God to move in your life.  God Moves in our lives Everyday, but many are not paying attention to the Important things that need His Love, Order and Power.  The devil will have you focused on temporal needs and you will Miss God's order and timing.

Some have Faith, others have fear.
Some see giants and are stopped by them, others see giants & know that God will take care of of them.

Some do not want to be inconvenienced by the changes that new beginnings always bring about.  So they reject what God directs them to do, finding excuses and reasons that warm their fearful and rebellious hearts Not to obey Him.
 It's about Closure and Openings!

Closures concerning thinking, speaking and actions that limit and stop our Spiritual growth and maturity. Which then limits and will stop our natural growth and maturity.
Both realms are closely entwined together, one heavily relying on the other for support.

If our Spiritual life is weak, then our natural life will be weak.

God makes sure to give us what we need.  We ask and He provides what we ask. But we Must know How to see below the surface of what we asked for. What He gives may Not look like what we thought it would, but it is what we asked for--It Is what we Need!

Many people Miss His blessings because they do Not Wait upon His Divine Order and Timing.  They have been tricked and fooled into believing they have waited Long enough on God, when in Truth, they have not Waited correctly Or long enough!

We have to understand and realize How what we ask and what He gives Is connected to a Much larger Plan and we Must be Convinced that what He provides Is what we need.

When asked in Jesus' Name, The Holy Spirit Will reveal what is hidden to us, in Spiritual and natural obscure and uncertain places, shinning brightly His Light so that we are able to Clearly See the Path ahead of us.  This path sometimes may not Look like we think it should, Trust Him, it is the Best for you!

There will be no need to guess or assume or presume, all fear and dread Will be eradicated by your Faith and Trust in His Plans and Purposes for your life.

He will reveal to you the Spiritual and natural reality of your situation and circumstances.
Starting with your heart, thoughts, words and actions!
He provides us the opportunities to act and react accordingly in alignment with His Will, Order and Timing.

If you have not been giving Him the time He needs to correct you, restore you, to teach you, to comfort you, then you have moved away from Him.  This will cause you to doubt, give in to fears, make up stuff in your head, and listen to the nonsense that satans lies create in our thoughts.

  "Turn away my reproach which I dread, for Your judgments are good."
Psalms 119:39 

Sometimes we move away from the hand of Jesus, from focusing on Him, and it feels like we are caught up in a mini tornado or whirlwind.  We feel that this whirlwind separates us from others, creating a sense of isolation and loneliness.  Thinking nonsense thoughts adding in our own reasoning and limited human intelligence because we have now begun to fear, doubt and have allowed impatience to be our master.

I am reminded of the scripture verse in Hosea 8:7
"They sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind." 
And I realized that sowing the wind relates to us when we are troubled, bitter, agitated, angry and impatient and have allowed those negatives to be our guide.

When we see our trouble, or the unknown as being greater than God's ability or willingness to bring about the solutions that we are in need of.  This is an indication that we lack faith and are Not trusting our Lord.

We are giving in to nonsense earthly thinking and allowing it to whittle away at our Faith and Trust.  That wind Will reap a whirlwind or bring about a storm that we will not enjoy when we allow the devils weapons of fear, doubt and nonsense thoughts to work in us and stop us from the Plan, Purposes and Will of God for our lives.

Think on what type of ground your heart is, and have you wasted the seeds that God has sown in your ground?

Matt 7:13-27; Matt 13:1-23

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper." Isaiah 54:17

Remember my friends, my sisters and brothers that the Lord Has Promised And He Is Able!  Our part in everything Is To Be Fully Convinced Concerning both Truths about or Lord!
What He has said (Promised) And that He Is Able ( it is His Will) is our Truth no matter what is going on in our natural lives.

As we continue into this New Year, Settle the nonsense thinking, the confusion, the fear, and unbelief with His Truth--if you are not Fully Convinced then God's Promises and Lordship for you cannot and will not be realized in your life. The road ahead that you Journey cannot and will not Bear the Fruit He has intended and purposes to be.

When we move away from dwelling in His presence every day, we end up on a path that has us wasting time, usurping His Holy Spirit's Power and Purpose, and doing everything that we think is correct-running here and there looking for the answers...all this decreases our Spiritual power and makes us weary spiritually, physically and mentally.

  “And Being Fully Convinced That What He Has Promised He Was Well Able To Perform.” Romans 4:21
Just Believe!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9/ 
Resting In His Faithfulness & Grace,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme


Unknown said...

Happy New Year!
I am glad I read this..

wisdomteachesme said...

Hello!! Abundant Blessings from our Lord to you also!

I am glad, that you are glad! lol

It is always a pleasure to see a comment or two from you!

Remember, to keep doing your part, one day at a time, and you will step right into His Ways Made for you!