Tuesday, October 5, 2010


John 14:17 (Amplified Bible)

Good Morning my sisters and brothers I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Hope this finds you Fully within the Growing and Maturing Faith and Love of He that created us and Loves us!

Since you have given your life over to the Hands of our Lord, don't get discouraged when your plans do not work out! You may be focused on the Wrong things. 

Be Glad that your plans have been squashed and stopped!
 Be Glad that you were not able to carry them out completely!
How are you going to truthfully say that you are Too busy for God? 
Really now! Be careful with that kind of thinking!

Rejoice in the Truth that He Has Divinely Ordered your steps.
Seek Him to re-position you-Get Quiet, STOP finding empty things to fill your day and Call on our Lord to fill you with His Correctness and Truth!
 Too many try to occupy their own lives so they do Not have to deal with What Needs to be dealt with that is opposing to God's will for their lives!
Too many have taken on busy work and think they are serving God with it!  Never Once asking our Lord, did He direct them to do what they are doing.
Every work that you see that needs to be done, May NOT be for YOU To Do!

Too Many Know all the while that God has Not told them to do half the things they are trying to do!  Whose Plans are you following again?  Ask yourself these questions!

Get the Truth Right now!  Stop lying to yourself! You could have taken on human work that God never told you to do, and therefore you are breaking down your body, your mind and your Spirit in unhealthy ways!

 Thank Him for His Divine Order & Timing and Let Him Know in the Name of Jesus that you are grateful that He does so because He loves you. Don't be that rebellious child whose parent tries to warn and guide in the Correct ways, and the child ignores the warning and the advice and ends up Jacked UP! Amen!
Then once the rebellious child has Fallen in a pit or a trap, they call out for the Help and advice of their parent!
God is desiring for you to Not have to go through things that are Not for you to go through! Why keep wasting your time on this earth doing the wrong things?

 He Is saving you from yourself, as your plans, thoughts, words, and actions/non-actions, may Not be aligned with His Will, And your plans, thoughts, words and actions/non-actions Could very well create for you more troubles, more issues, more tribulations, more confusion, more lack, more shortcomings, more mess and sadness, And could very well kill you.

Don't be so stubborn, and set in your human nature ways to do things your way that you forget the Truth that you do know!

You may miss out on Today's Blessings, Today's small & large Divine Opportunities that Have Been Provided for you To Be a Blessing and To Be Blessed.  All of which are to Bring Glory and Honor to our Lord through your life, your words, your thoughts, actions and your Complete Consistent Obedience to His directions, and leading!

 Calm Down, Slow Down and examine what you are doing, to see where you are not aligned with His Divine Will, Plans and Purposes for your life!

Too many of you are Moving Too Fast in front of God's Divine Order and Timing! And by doing so you Are Also moving Too slow behind Him!

I encourage you to STOP and consult with Him NOW, while He may be found! Ask Him to reveal to you the areas where you are out of alignment with His Will, Plans and Purposes for your life!

Too Many of you have made decisions that have brought you to a dead end, a confused end, and into a sequence of actions that will take you further Away from His Will, His Plans, His Purposes His Presence for your Life!  You are grabbing at the very things and people that He sent Word for you to avoid!!

Too many of you have not given to Him the Daily Time necessary for Him to Grow and Mature your Spiritual Life, you are caught up in carrying His Vision for you, with out His input!
Too many of you are rushing, trying to gain in material things and social status, putting your power, security and faith in the things of this earth!
 Examine your self to Make sure that You Are with in the Faith and Trust of our Lord!

You did Not make these plans, And you do Not know what to do next, so you are trying any and everything that you see and know in your human scope of littleness and you keep hitting brick walls, you keep falling into pits and traps, you keep wasting your time by Not seeking His Way for each and every Day and for each and every decision that you need to make. 

Too Many of you are sowing seeds that God did Not give you, you are sowing seeds on and in bad ground, you are Not Watering Your seeds sown with the Living Water of Praise, Faith and Trust in our Lord God! 

Remember, that Every Good Idea Is Not a God Idea, IS Not a part of His plans for you!
God's Thoughts, Plans and Actions are Above ours, and Are the Only Ones that will work for us.  Your flesh and fears Will Always trick you and have you do what ever opposes the Will of God for your life.
 You will not be able to pass the blame on to our enemy or another human as You Have been warned and told that is it within your heart that these fleshy ego pride driven ways have come from.

The enemy is roaming around the streets seeking All who are disobedient, All who are out of alignment with God, so that he can add more trouble to your life and further move you away from God's Divine Order and Timing!  Our enemy and our flesh desire to keep us from fulfilling God's Divine order and timing for each day of our lives!
 Our enemy IS So close behind so many of you,  that you do not even see, sense or know that he is about to over take you! 
Are you helping our enemy accomplish his goals?

Or are you with an open, willing and teachable  heart, cooperating with the Spirit of our Lord to Obediently accomplish His Will and Purposes?

Enjoy Today, Stay in Today and Fulfill the Will of our Lord And Be the Blessings And Take Hold of the Opportunities that He has supplied to you for today!  Stay Focused on Him, Stay aligned with Him, in His Will, His Plans, His Order and Timing, so that you do not miss what you seek from Him!

Ezekiel 33:30-33 (Amplified Bible)

"30As for you, son of man, your people who talk of you by the walls and in the doors of the houses say one to another, every one to his brother, Come and hear what the word is that comes forth from the Lord.
    31And they come to you as people come, and they sit before you as My people, and they hear the words you say, but they will Not Do them; for with their mouths they show much love, but their hearts go after and are set on their [idolatrous greed for] gain.
    32Behold, you are to them as a very lovely [love] song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument, for they hear your words but do Not do them.
    33When This Comes To Pass--for behold, It Will Come!--then Shall they Know, understand, And realize that a prophet Has Been Among them!"

Isa 32:17
Isa 55:6
Psalm 26
Psalm 36
John 4:23-24
2 Tim 1:9
2 Tim 2:15

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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