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 There are times when we attempt to do the right things, but in the end we realize we have done the wrong things. Sometimes people are so blinded by their own ways guided by some evil that makes them seek the approval of others over God's approval that they end up standing with the wrong side.
Sometimes as time passes we discover and realize that what we believed was right, Truth Be Told was wrong.  Was it immaturity, pride, ego, fear, pressure to be accepted and approved by others, and/or the want of what we should not have, that kept us from seeing and thinking clearly?
Many are vain and arrogant to believe that their will is equal to God's and rush forward to do what they think is right, but they are so greatly wrong.

Have you gotten to a place of realizing that your wrong thinking, speaking and acting has not only hurt others you hurled it at, but also hurt your life?
Did you see His Truth when His Truth shinned on you?  How many years/days/ weeks of soul searching have you done to get to a point of clarity where you now know that something you did or said years ago, or days ago was so hateful, so selfish and so plainly wrong?  Have you begun this journey into the truths that you need to face and accept and allow to Change you yet?

Many have not.  Oh some have gotten to the point of clarity in which they now know that what they did or said was wrong, but they have not accepted responsibility for that person they once were, and therefore have rejected the need, the opportunity to change and mature.  Which means they Still Are that same person.

At some point we all have been very wrong in our words, thoughts, and actions to others and ourselves.  Though at that moment we thought we were without doubt right on all points, we were convinced that there was no other way to think, speak, or act.  We would risk everything we held dear to hold on to what we believed was so right. 
But as time passes, some people come to realize that they were terribly and sometimes tragically not as right as they thought they were.  Because of God's Truth shinning on us, we are clearly able to see just how wrong we were.  His truth about our wrongs will come in many ways, the voice of a victim speaking her/his story, the words and questions of a child, the friend who retells of a wrong done to them that sounds so familiar to us because we are able to see ourselves as the one who inflicted pain and hurt on another thinking we were doing the right thing with good intentions, but truly we wrong. Through a friend sharing how their wrong thinking, words and actions choices hurt their lives, we are also able to See ourselves very clearly for doing the same wrong things to ourselves.

Have the many received His truth and accepted responsibility for the wrong they lived as right?  How many are still holding on to what is wrong because of fear, pride, ego, the fleshy need to be accepted by others they perceive to be right?

Has God provided the Truth that you need to See clearly that the old person you were, you are no longer able to live with? That you have changed your mind and do not believe what you used too?
Does His truth reveal to us, all we missed out on because of the length of time we held on tightly to what we thought was right?
 Is there now enough love in our heart to see how we hurt others because of our thinking that we were so right, but were deeply and clearly wrong? 
Do those same demons that swayed us to think, say and do what we thought was so right still control us? 

There are many places where we can look and see people who Think they are doing what is Right but are So greatly wrong. The parents that reject their children because they are lgbt or q, the parents the reject and punish their daughters for getting pregnant in their teenage years, their sons for dating one not of their same skin color or culture. The vile and evil things done to women and children in the name of Love. Those that equate hate with holiness, and faithfully murder in the name of God, righteousness, and cultural traditions.

When ever I cross paths with people spewing hatred in the name of Jesus or God, trying to condemn our differences and make laws that define what marriage is and isn't, or who should have children or shouldn't, or what children should be accepted and those that should not, when I think about those that are upset to the point of anger because they Can Not make every one in the world conform to their ways of thinking, living and hating...I hold close and dear to my heart and soul these words that Jesus said; "They will put you out of the synagogues; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God" (John 16:2)

See, it is not always enemies but those that should be on our side, our friends, our family members, followers- Believers of our Lord Jesus, those that profess so loudly to loving God so much.  These are the ones that will slam the church doors in our faces, shut us out of their synagogues and temples, they will excommunicate you from their worship, completely block your entrance into the Very places that God wants you to be...And they believe they are right, All in the Name of God.

Don't get it twisted, it's not God, Jesus  or His Holy Spirit treating people this way, it is those humans that Think they are doing Right, but are So very Wrong that are treating people like trash.  Thinking they are doing the Will of God and they actually have no kind of Relationship with God at all to have any idea what His Will is.  They are just standing on the side of those perceived to be Right...but simply are dead wrong!

Today is an opportunity to accept His Truth shinning on you where you are wrong in your thinking and be changed. 
Our 'today's' are numbered, so to delay in grabbing the Opportunities provided to us  which are only here for today-for this moment is Important!

It is possible to be changed? Yes there is Hope, there is Hope, Faith and Love and Forgiveness in abundance to do so!
You can change your thinking, change your mind, change your wrongs into what Is right!
The opportunity God provides makes it all possible.
Truly the ways that we have thought we were right when others have been hurt have also saddened God.
Are the things you once believed to be true still holding you and guiding you today, Even after you have realized just how wrong you were? Why are you still holding on to them?
 Is there a way to change after what has been done and said for what you thought were the right reasons, now made extremely clear are so wrong? 
What is keeping so many hostage from admitting to themselves that they were wrong and that there is a great need to be changed?
I believe Change is always possible if the person deeply and honestly wants to be changed by God's love and truth.
I believe whole heartedly that we are able to make right the wrongs we committed in our past Through forgiveness from God In the name of Jesus.

To ask forgiveness and to find forgiveness from the One Who Never turns away any soul that is truly, and earnestly sorry and repentant. He knows all of our hearts, so He know who is truthfully seeking to be changed and be forgiven by Him, who is seeking that He change their hearts from one full of revenge, pain, hurt, wrongness, pride, selfishness and hate, into one full of His forgiveness, acceptance and love, surrendered to His Will. He Will Not turn these away!

Are we able to seek forgiveness from those we have inflicted hate upon, spoke with cutting, demeaning angry words, those we actively sought to hurt and victimize, those that we have wrongly rejected?  Maybe that is possible and maybe not. Though there is always the opportunity to offer change to others who remind us of who we used to be because of how we thought that we were right, but found that were we oh so wrong. 
Living with changed thinking, speaking and actions is a way of making amends.   
Once you take hold of the responsibility that you were wrong, and receive the changes that Only God can do, You will see your old self in others as you continue to live each day being changed that we are blessed to live within. Show them your new heart and allow God to have full Glory through your life.

Jephthah thought he was right - Judges 11
Abraham thought he was right - Gen 12:11-20
                                                Gen 20:12

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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