Monday, June 2, 2008


"Through Him, therefore, let us constantly and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name."
Hebrews 13:15

Greetings to you my sisters and brothers on this fine day that we have been given.
Let Everything that has breath Give Praise unto The Lord God Almighty!

I come To Encourage those that are following Jesus. (Gal 6:10)
To tell you that Jesus knows it gets hard sometimes, it gets rough. But you have got to hold on. That is why we should go to Him, ask Him for His truth about the situations that He has already gone through here as a Spirit in a human body.

My friend let me tell you this=

The Power of Praise and Worship to God in the Name of Jesus Will do What It has been divinely purposed to do, Glorify God in The Highest. amen.

A Sacrifice of Praise to God in the name of Jesus is an awesome weapon against All strongholds that may have you bound right now in your life. By doing so, you speak growth to your faith and strength. God hears your Praises unto Him and He steps foward into the concerns of your heart--right into the heart of your situations. amen!

It is an awesome way to show our love and gratitude to Him and Jesus for All they have already done for us. amen.
Allowing Him to comfort and guide us, to heal us, to provide for us All that His Spirit has to give to us. OPEN UP your hands and give and receive, amen!

A constant (daily-in all things), sacrifice of praise unto God is a way to let Him know how much we appreciate Him for All that He Has Already Done for us. amen.

Not to ask Him for anything-but to let Him know we are grateful, we are humble, we are yielding to His Holy Spirit, that we are willing to be led by Him. amen.

A constant sacrifice of praise to God with our mouths from our hearts is inhabited by God! (Psalm 23).

A constant sacrifice of praise to God will bring down walls! (Joshua 6:13)

A constant sacrifice of praise to God will destroy prisons and free those that are captive! (Acts 16:25)

A constant sacrifice of Praise will scatter the enemies of God! (2 Chron 20).

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty Hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time."
1 Peter 5:6

Trust In God's Timing for your life. You did not create yourself, nor do you know what you were put here for unless you spend time with God by way of the narrow gate, amen.
God wants all of us to be conquerors and to never be a victim. Don't ever let go.
We are called to rise up to a new level of understanding in His love and purpose for us. To grow forth from little faith to a great radical faith in trusting Him without doubt and hesitiation.
He has spoken to us through the life and teachings of Jesus,
(John 15:22-27) and from this we know the things we are to do and of things to come. From His truth.
There was Much knowledge and understanding that Jesus did not tell the disciples before He left, He made sure to let them know in John 16:12-15 that because of their growing faith and growing maturity, there was so much more He wanted to tell them-but He said I will leave it All with The Holy Spirit to tell you.
They were not ready to hear more of His Truth-they lacked spiritual maturity and a deeper love in their hearts that would create a willingness in them to Want to be changed.
If you are not willing to be changed by His love you will have what is called beginning faith in Jesus. Beginning faith does not grow much over time. People with beginning faith always speak of great faith and trust in Jesus, but they do not show action of the same to match what is spoken. People that live their entire saved lives in Christ do so only listening to the voice of fear and never accomplish even a small portion of what God called them to do. Beginning faith keeps you from learning the many truths of God and keeps a harvest that you will never reap for Him and from Him.
At this time the power of what God spoke forth for us in this age and day has revealed itself for us to use. God has called us all to ARISE to our divinely appointed positions--A new place for many-a level of Radical faith. God asks that we come to His place of srength-A place where you will know absolutely Who you are in Him and Who He Is in you. The Great I AM.
That we should be within His realm of knowledge will replace all fear with faith and a place where you will never be timid again.
For the tired and weary, let us go to Isaiah chapter 28 and look closely at verses 9-13. It speaks of the Word of The Lord being a refreshing, yet the people will not drink of this water. They refuse it and dismiss it. So they fall by the wayside grieving and full of a thrist that is killing them.
A thirst for Jesus cannot be quenched with anything (any liquid) that man has created. Only The Living Waters can quench a thirst and hunger for God. amen.
Here is an insight into His refreshing that will wash over us like a golden rain. Here is the place of opportunities for possibilities for us when we make our main purpose to hear our Lord's Voice in any and all matters.
Purpose yourself to Expect Him!

And while you wait, let us offer to Mother God our humble sacrifice of praise for all She has done for us. amen.

'A SACRIFICE OF PRAISE' by Dorothy Norwood

'DON'T YOU GIVE UP!' by Dorothy Norwood

Don't underestimate or dismiss the little cloud the size of a man's hand, for with it God sends forth a healing and giving rain in your life. amen. I Kings 18:44

Ask God to please give you an understanding mind and heart that hears His voice so that you an discern between good and evil.
II Kings 3:9


Kathryn said...

This is right on target!! Experience has taught me that big problems often disguise big opportunities.

Yesterday, while speaking to an amazing Lady, we were discussing of many things of the Lord. I'm dealing with several health issues.

I started to say "how-when" know...the general things we say when we are hurting or have been waiting for a long time (or so we think!). When all of a sudden, just as clearly as I was hearing my friends voice, I heard that still small Voice say, "If I can put a coin in the fish's mouth, I can place this in your hand...but you have to OPEN your hand first".

OMG! Immediately, I told my friend what the Lord had just dropped within my heart. As the message says NOT "dismiss the little cloud..."

The Lord is always up to something...and it is ALWAYS good!

Kindest Regards,


wisdomteachesme said...

my God, my God,
you have spoken some mighty good truth!

that's right, God said it-i didn't lol
He said watch for Me and if you expect Me, then you will see and witness Me.

then Jesus said, all you have to do is believe that and that is so.
Well, i believe and He is correct it is So! Amen.

i fully enjoy the thoughts that you share with us here. please come again.

i'm going to post a testimony about a man at costco next.

it fits right along with what you have spoken above. so true--

be well my friend &
wait on Him !