Sunday, December 22, 2013


 I have been moved from the valley to the mountain climb... the Lord's Spirit is moving me forward... and here comes an attack....
As I focus on each step up the side of this mountain, focusing on the vast view, the new perspective, the lessons and blessings from this new spiritual experience...
sometimes my mind will dig up old memories... and not always good ones....

Some times they are unhealthy and rotten, they need to be gotten rid of.

Every memory is from an experience.
 Every experience creates a memory.
What happen to us during that experience is where our feelings come in, riding on the backs of memories.
How much power we give our feelings, is how they can control us and guide us.

Some times memories come back to teach me a lesson I over looked,
Some times they come back to give me a warning concerning something I have been through, and it may be coming back around, I hear "so be watchful Daughter!"
 (if you know like I know, you know the enemy has no new tricks!)

I take and leave the memory and the feelings on common ground.... seeking clarity from the Lord. I listen to God's Spirit clarify the point of the memory so I know what to do with it....

Some times the clarity says to me, that God is moving me forward, but the enemy is trying to get me to follow him and move backwards... attacking me through my thoughts, tapping on my feelings associated with the memories that my experiences created.

But, I know I am not following the enemy, so I Hear, this is an opportunity to be healed and delivered and the enemy wants me to miss it, ignore it, reject it,  so that I am made not able, not willing, not teachable.

So, if the memory also brings with it unhealthy feelings, then once again, I know I'm being offered healing and
deliverance from those unhealthy feelings associated with that memory which was created from an experience.
I know the Lord is saying to me, "This is in My Way-Lets Face it together and I will heal and deliver you from it!"
(Yes Lord! Praise Jesus!)

The Divine Gifts of deliverance and healing and transformation from
the pain, hurt, disappointment, etc..., that some times come with memories associated with our experiences,  Is God Loving on us and God doing what He said He would do.

And Jesus asked, Do you Really want to be healed?

So now, What am I going to do?
Keep holding on to the useless, empty, life stealing, fear feeding pain, hurt and brokenness, Or, let it go and be healed and delivered?
Not a hard decision for me at all!

 For me, since I know the climb up this mountain will be easier if I let this baggage go, if I face the fear, pain, hurt, brokenness and all the emotions that come with these types of memories,  and if I leave them on common ground where they are turned into ashes from the Refiners fire; in return I will be made better.

Now, in the future, when the memory returns it will not have any unhealthy Feelings attached to it and I can use it to encourage others that I meet along this way who may be within similar situations, without it jacking me up emotionally.

Now, in the future, when the memory returns it will not be able to stop me in my steps when I should be moving, nor will it be able to make me move when I need to be still.....
It has no power over me anymore.

I took back the power I gave to my feelings, emotions and flesh.

Truth be told, the feelings attached to the memory/experience were not powerful at all.  Once I gave it a good look I saw it to be as it always has been from the beginning, small, powerless and empty. I had given it the power, as it had none of it's own.

 The voice of God's Love bringing me into greater Spiritual growth and maturity Calls out to me with a Stronger Sound and Purpose than the voice of my feelings does.

"Do you hear what I hear?"

In the name of Jesus my Christ,
Today is another wonderful day to continue my way up the mountain... taking time to enjoy each step, to gain the lessons and blessings of each step I am led to take on the side of this mountain.
I am also thankful and grateful for What the Lord says is mine, is mine.
I appreciate God putting the people in my life that I can be accountable to, those I trust to help keep me safe, loved and appreciate me and how God is using me for His Purposes! We help each other grow and mature.

I also appreciate God removing those people who can't make the journey with me, for what ever reasons, they have been cut away.
Those that stay help me to be accountable to myself and I help them to the same, and together with Love as our impetus we Shall complete each day's journey in truth, faith, trust, grace and love. Growing and maturing with each step and desire to please and obey God.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, So Be It!

# strengthening my spiritual relationship
# transformation
# clarity is a valuable gift- a sister of wisdom
# He only took 3 of the 12 up with Him

Isaiah 40:4
Psalm 24:3
Luke 9:27-29

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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