Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Since my 51st birthday in April, a few things that I have been doing.
I have been quiet, actively listening, growing, maturing and learning more of what I don't know, but need to know. I have been allowing correction to happen, for God's Shaking to reveal what is Not of Him, and what is.
Here are a few thoughts, notes to myself I call them. I'll keep adding to this post as these thoughts come to my heart.
Keep checking back to this post to see what has been added.

Because of Love.... because He told me He expects me to Trust Him No Matter What...Because I told Him I will trust Him No matter What-Period!
...Because of Love.....


....because of Love...
every morning before my prayers end, I remind myself and my faith confesses that - I can't do this by myself..... to remember that--I'm glad I don't have to either.
all through the day, i remind myself -- i can't do this by myself.... and I am stirred up, because I know i don't have to try to do it by myself, the day has not been planned by me, I am led by Love.
because of Love....
I fling it all at my Lord's feet....
 there is a spiritual and natural shaking going on, and what ever is not Grounded in a Good foundation, will be shaken and will fall to the ground broken and moved out of the Lord's way.

Room is being made to rebuild as He has planned.

making room for my blessings....
because of Love...


many have eyes but can't see.
many don't know the worth/value of anything..
many seek acceptance and approval and help from those they Think have it and can help them get it. usually they will not accept, approve nor help others, they only want to know what others are planning, in order to steal, hold back and use--they are not secure in their skin.
a flower sprouts leaves before the bud, and then time has to happen before the bud opens to bloom.
many times we are so focused on what we think is important about ourselves, we miss what is important about ourselves. .
doing great work, begins small--add love and it will grow.

Saturday 5.25.2013
It is Really something, the Plethora of excuses some people come up with to refuse being responsible for their choices/decisions, their actions or non actions, and their words spoken or not spoken.
There is a Huge level of immaturity in these types of people. Nothing is Ever their fault.
Fear controls their emotions and their daily living is full of lies.
I should write them all down and make a book from them.

Saturday 5.25.2013

So many are too narrow in their seeing, looking, and their understanding concerning their vision, purpose and work.
Godly Wisdom & Direction can't get a toe into them, because they are so focused on How & When they want things to go.
If they can't see How things connect, they reject the New that God desires to Bring into their Lives.
They don't understand Usefulness and Depth of each blessing.

They must have forgotten or never known that it is God who has given them their Purpose, their Calling, their Responsibilities, their Opportunities, Their Possibilities, and their Visions.
A Lot of the Details are not known to us beforehand.

Being unwilling, unchangeable, unteachable Will make you Miss pertinent Details that are Part of His Plan for each of us, concerning the Work that we do For Him.
Aligning oneself with ego, pride, emotions and fears will keep you stagnant.

Radical Trusting and Faith have to be filled with Truth and Courage in order to Accept the New that God sends to each of us.
He is Always doing a continuous New Thing in our lives, Though truth be told, there is Nothing new under the Sun, It Is New in our lives.

Be careful when you reject, deny and ignore New Possibilities, New Directions to add too or change course from the Lord, by the time you realize How it all fits --the Door Will Be Closed and you will have Missed Out on Going In to the Next Level of the Promised Land God spoke of for your Life!

#By the Time you call/email/text me back, the deadline will have passed.
#By the Time you realize The one God sent to Help you Had the Directions, that one will be on A new assignment!
#Don't get Caught Outside And Denied like the ones who brought No extra oil!

Monday 5.27.2013

Been up for a while now.... Thanking God and Appreciating my Lord for All He has done for me, for All He is doing for me!

I don't want to take anything or person for granted.
Appreciating all the things I sometimes think are small or slow to move, but have been given Clarity to understand and see them all as Very Large pieces in His Magnificent Plan.
Some times i feel like I am not doing enough to help more. Then I hear His Spirit speak to me, Lynda, you are doing what you are suppose to do for those you are suppose to help.

Some times I feel like I am not moving fast enough as each day that goes by carries time I will never see again. Then I hear His Spirit speak to me, Lynda, you are moving at the pace, within the timing and in the order I have set forth for you.

Some times I feel I will burst because the Visions God has placed in my heart are not manifesting fast enough for me. Then I hear His Spirit speak to me, Lynda, Every word will return fullness and completeness to Me that I have spoken over you!

His Spirit Reminds me that He told me that He Expects me to Trust Him No Matter What and that I have declared that I will Expect Him No Matter What!

I am Very thankful, grateful and appreciative of All and Every thing that God has Already done for me, but now that I've gotten to Know Him as I do, I WANT MORE Of Him and what He has for me to do and to be.

I am enjoying the simple pleasures and treasures that the Lord has So lovingly blessed me with. I am not going to rush but simply surrender More unto Him, for I know He has the Best for me and that is what I want, His best for me!
Truth be Told, I want God's Best for every one, that is what I Live to do every day He wakes me up and guides me.

In the Name of my Lord Jesus, So Be it!

Tue. May 28.2013

one day, (&and i hope it's sooner than later), you will "get it"... if you ever stop rejecting what God is saying to you!
'Cause, He Truly has a Way to speak to you through your circumstances.... which is the Hard way to go...
We can keep doing things the way we want them to go, but that usually means they will be full of holes, lack, manipulation, worry, and shallowness, and will no doubt leave us in a worse place than when we started.
The best we can do is never gonna be enough, nor Reach the people we need to Reach.
#watching from my watch tower praying and praising.

Speaking From Experience!
It's Not Too Late to Begin Anew, To Start Over, To Step into a Better Life, a Better You!
Today Is Another Opportunity to Say Yes to His Calling and have your life Turned Around and Set Straight on a Divine Path that will Reveal to You The things that the Lord has Spoken over your life!

The flowers are blooming, the bees and butterflies are feeding and all are gracing us with their beauty.
The hummingbirds are zooming around, the song birds are singing.... There is Beauty All Around, It's hard to miss!

It's Another Wonderful Day, full of Every Thing we are in need of.....

Look at what You have been blessed with, Look at how far you have come, Look for those who have been sent to help you and for you to help them.
Look at how beautiful you Already Are without anything man-made added!
Meet with Yourself today, and Give Yourself some Love!
Black Seed!
Aloe Vera!
Fruits and Veggies
(All Organic)

Thank you Lord for All the healing you Have Already Provided to us!
I Thank You for Every thing I give to you Is Already Done!
Thank You for Leading me to that Which You have Already Done to bless me and my family and friends, IJN, So Be It!
There are people we will meet that will either encourage and inspire us or they will try to drain us, hinder us, stop us and steal from us.
Strong Spiritual Discernment is Key to knowing the difference.
Knowing Why --what your Purpose is -- that you are in anothers life and them in yours is Key.
Knowing when you have done what God put you in their life to do and when it's time to move on, is Key.
Knowing when they have done what God put them in your life to do and when it's time to move on is Key.
Unfortunately, many don't want the kind of Help they Really Need, they just want what they want, and may stop the process that God sent you to do for them. Many you will come across only want to vent, whine about and blame others for their situations, not actually wanting to Better themselves
Being able to recognize this is Key Also.

Spiritual Clarity is a Gift that God Waters every day! If you Stop long enough to get Watered, you will Know the difference and keep yourself from going through unnecessary trouble and issues.
Every person God sends your way is Not a potential Life Partner, friend, or business partner.
Know Your Purpose, Know their Purpose.

#there were 10, but only One came for salvation, the others just wanted a sandwich...
#Thank You Lord for Watering the Seeds that You have Planted!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 WisdomTeachesme

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