Friday, November 5, 2010


"If My people, who are Called by My name, Shall Humble themselves, Pray, Seek, Crave, And Require of Necessity My Face And Turn From their wicked ways, Then Will I Hear from Heaven, Forgive their sin, And Heal their land!"  2 Chronicles 7:14

 ** Our actions will reveal our reply, What Will Your Answer to Him be?**

Oh my dear Lord,
If Only Your People would sit with you more often And allow you to prepare them for each day, each challenge, each trouble, and trial, Before they appear, How Much stronger they would be for Your Work.

By sitting with you often, to Receive the Wealth from Your Spirit,  they would be able to have the Wisdom, Strength, Courage and Love necessary to make it through each challenge, trouble, trial, And every emergency effortlessly.
 They would also be able to Avoid many of the things that come upon them.
Instead, so many Wait till these things are facing them, then they call upon Your name for help.  If Only my Friend Jesus....

If Only they knew You as Not Just a Help in times of emergency, But as The Complete Giver of All Supply that our Father has given unto You, How Much More Open they would be as Your Channels!

All the Wealth of Your Spirit Is Ours--to be adsorbed into us at all times, quiet times, uncertain times, times of Joy, happiness, frustration, sickness, in times of all needs, And in our times of giving.  If Only Lord Jesus....

If Only more understood the mistakes they make, that To be able to do the Spiritual Work that You have given us to do, we Need to Always Sit with You and be Given Everything that Your Spirit Knows to give to us!

If Only more would see these mistakes of Only calling on You in times of emergency, they would be able to be Used by You so much more often!

If Only more did what we are suppose to do, You Lord would be FREE to use them as Your vessels, Your pathways of Your Power sent and shared to all that are in need.
So many have longing to be healed, comforted, saved, helped, and encouraged in this world.

If Only Your people would understand, that You have many paths for the lost to get to You, , going to church is but one, there is music, there is smiling, there is kindness expressed, there is helping when we could chose to walk away and ignore, there is forgiveness, So many Ways You Father have created--If Only Your people would learn the Depth of You, the Multi-folded Love that You Are, So many would Follow them to You, and willingly give up their lives for you to take care of!  Such Glory for You Father, in the Name of Jesus to be Had!

If Only more of Your people would willingly desire to allow You to use them completely at Your Will, So many More would know you Lord, And those Used by You, would know You in deeper and higher Ways!

You would be able to use more of us through our hearts and lives to touch and express Your Love and comfort to those that suffer.
Use Me Lord!
The Words You long to hear, that are music to Your ears and heart!

Father, Help us, Your People, I pray You, to Bring Your Comfort, into Every Heart and Life that You desire to help In the Name of Jesus!
Place us Jesus, where we Can Best serve You and share Your Influence and  Purposes for this world!
Use Me Jesus!
Thank You for Making me Right to Serve You even More!

If Only, Those that speak of You as their Lord, as The Messiah, would give themselves with no hesitation, no limits, no boundaries, And Be used by You, How Many More of those that suffer would Know you?  The world would be brought sooner to you Jesus, for the Kingdom would be full!

If Only they sought You often, they would understand that You are able to use each human body in the Mighty Divine Ways that our Father used Your human body as His channel for All His Divine Love and Power!

If Only Lord, they would in Truth call out to You and say, "Use me Lord Jesus, Use me!" Ahh, how Peace filled their hearts would stay, full of Joy at all times and seasons in their lives!

If Only, each of Your people would honestly Live the words they speak, Live for You, By Your Will, In Your Will, In and Through Your Spirit, This would allow You to Live in them completely.  To use them to express Your Divineness through their bodies as our Father did so with You when You where here on this earth.

If Only they understood that Your unlimited Spiritual Supply is Your Law! So many blocked channels that claim to Love You, If Only they would admit that they are Not able to help others let alone themselves, then their Learning could continue, their changing would be seen more than heard, and their hearts would would beat to the Sound of Your Will!

If Only they asked of You in order to Serve You and Your Will, instead of themselves and their motives, So Many would know You Lord in more than one way!
You Jesus are the Ultimate Giver! Amen!
So many of Your people limit Your Giving to them because they are not aligned with Your Mission of Purpose!

Oh,  how so many insult You Lord by being content with the poor, the sick, the lost and the evil that exists in this world.
Such things that they ask for will not enable Your Promises to Be fulfilled through them, for them, or for anyone else!
Such small faith and little trust, How Large is their unbelief instead of their faith in You!

If Only they lived the words that they speak, and asked in Obedient and Expecting Faith and Trust from You the Huge Blessings that You sit and wait to Hear spoken through Prayers of Joy, Great Faith and Trust in You!

"[Or] you do ask God for them and yet fail to receive, because you ask with wrong purpose and evil, selfish motives. Your intention is when you get what you desire to spend it in sensual pleasures."
James 4:3
  So I ask You dear Friend of mine, to Give them a Willing, Teachable and Obedient Heart and Spirit so that they Seek You, so that they Live each day Knowing No other desire except to express You and to Share Your Love with at least one person for each day.

Our years may be long, or short, I pray that More of Your People Get this understanding before their days end!

He Must increase, but I Must decrease.  John 3:30
1 Corinthians 1:2

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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