Thursday, November 11, 2010


Greetings to you my sisters and brothers, my beloved Friends in Christ Jesus!
The Spirit of our Lord is trying to Get Your Attention! Please don't disappoint Him!  The Windows and Doors of Divine Opportunity are Open for some and for others they are About to Open! Either way, these doors and windows of God's Opportunity Will Not stay Open for long. They have a time limit attached to them.

Stay Alert and Continue to Allow our Lord to Prepare you to not Just receive His blessings and answers to your prayers, but To Also, Keep them And Allow them to Grow as Large as God has intended for them to be!

Stop And defeat the enemy at every point and place that he appears. His confusion and noise try to keep our ears busy, and he tries to feed the seeds of destruction that have been planted in our hearts. But when we Quiet ourselves we Are Able to Hear from our Lord. We are Able to allow God to remove those weeds and kill off those seeds of destruction, Knowing that we have His Truth to Stand on and defend ourselves with. We do Spiritual battle through His Power and Wisdom And He Will bring us through into Victory Every Time!  This is How He gets the Glory through our lives! Amen!

 There Is Risk Involved In Everything, Better to Take on the Risk of Doing The Right Thing Every Time, Esp. when doing the wrong thing is easier. To do the wrong things will always be easier, there is less time, energy and thinking involved.  It is also the most selfish, self-centered and fearful way to do things.

Our hearts Are The Lords Garden. He has planted and Woven everything in them that will be a Help to us And bring Him the Honor and Glory through our lives.

There are two Gardens in the Bible. One is the Garden of Eden the other is The Garden of the Resurrected Christ Jesus. 
Which one does your heart serve? Which seeds are you growing in your heart?

Our hearts = The fertile Ground that supports, nourishes and grows the Spiritual seeds that He has planted in it.  He weaves His Spiritual seeds in our ground in such a way to encourage growth, maturity, and the ability to re-seed itself!

There are the Spiritual seeds that God put there, and then there are the seeds from our natural world which we and others put there.
 These are usually seeds of weeds that cause destruction. That cause us to do the wrong, selfish things, and take us in a cloaked unbalanced path of self-destruction.  They cause tricks in our minds to make us think this way is right for us, Over what is Right And Best for us from God's Will, Plans and Purposes.

These weed seeds, the seeds of destruction, in our hearts fertile soil will grow selfishness, every fear possible, arrogance, self-will, pride and ego, hate, self hate, unforgiveness of self and others, conditional love, substance abuse, lying, cheating, frustration, irritation, iniquity, impatience, stealing, not taking responsibility, and weeds that block up our Spiritual ears, eyes and the channel of our heart that the Lord uses to have us be a Help to others in His Name, for His Will.
*these are some, but not all*

Too many people feed the weed seeds of destruction and allow their Spiritual Seeds to dry up, never to create roots, to grow and give Back to God what Is His.

Weed seeds of destruction Which Hold us Hostage as slaves to them,  are the negative words and things that others have told us and done to us that we believed and nurtured to grow into our truths.
They are the lies and manipulations that we have done, spoken And heard from others,  And believed as truth about ourselves, others and God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit.
They are the places in our hearts from the times of unforgiveness toward others and ourselves.
They are the missed opportunities that we sit thinking that all may be lost concerning that possibility.
They are the mistakes that we have made from bad choices, the lazy, pride and ego driven ways of our thinking, the 'what about me' thinking that we never corrected.
They are the places in our heart that hold the pain and hurt injected into us by others or ourselves, the times of rejection by others based on their fleshy, ignorant, hate filled hearts that we have Never allowed the Lord to heal. These weeds block our ability to realize that we were not suppose to be in those places anyway, And these people need forgiveness from us, so that We can move forward  to Grow and Mature.
They are the fears that we believe and Give more power to which control our thinking, our actions and words to ourselves and to others.
They are the weeds that choke out the Goodness of our Lord that  seeks the nourishment from Him in order to Grow and produce the Fruit that Pleases Him!

Which seeds are you feeding in your heart- the fertile ground-the garden of our Lord.?

God has planted in us at the beginning before the beginning, His Spiritual seeds of Life!
These usually are seeds of =  unconditional love, truth, honesty, integrity, faith, trust, not being fearful, emotional and Spiritual growth And maturity, obedience, self-control, discipline, patience, long suffering, grace, mercy, forgiveness of self And of others, Spiritual And natural  balance, Peace, Joy, Happiness, the Spirit of Giving, beauty, Spiritual ability, His Power, His Wisdom, His Desires for our lives that ARE Aligned with His desires for us, true honest friendship, Spiritual sight and hearing, Self-Love, Love for Him, the Ability to Give Love and Receive it, All the Gifts of the Spirit (Gal 5), His Def. of Unconditional Love (1 Cor 13).  
He has also planted in our hearts= The Gifts, Talents, Abilities And Anointing from heaven which are our Spiritual Calling for our human lives, being an artist, a musician, a writer, a doctor, a plumber, a brick mason, an historian, a teacher, a leader, a mechanic, etc...
*these are but a few of the many*

So now then, God wants you to think about all this, and ask yourself, what am I feeding, which seeds am I watering, tending, and helping to Grow into very large plants and trees and flowers in The Garden of My Heart which Is The Lords Divine Garden? 

Some, Many people spend more time, energy and resources feeding the seeds of destruction in their heart than the Spiritual Seeds that God planted there are dried up and in Desperate Need of His Life giving Power!  Only He can provide Life to what is dead!  He Weaves Himself through out our hearts, wrapping, Himself into every small and large place, making it His.

Also, what ever you grow in your heart is what you Share with the others in your life!
So, are you sharing seeds of destruction Or, the Spiritual Seeds of Life?

I Speak Much Love, Clarity, Peace and Joy To you All, I pray our Lord continues to Keep you, And I pray that You continue to Keep Him First, In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

James 3:13-18  "Who Is Wise And Understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works Are done in the meekness of Wisdom. 
But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking In your Hearts, Do Not boast and lie against The Truth. 
This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking Exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. 
But the Wisdom that Is from above Is First Pure, Then Peaceable, Gentle, Willing to Yield, Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality and Without Hypocrisy. 

And the (Fruit) Harvest of Righteousness (of conformity to God's will in thought and deed) Is the fruit of the Seed Sown In Peace by those who work for and Make Peace in themselves and in others, that Peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts."

John 14
John 15
1 John 2:15-16

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme


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