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 "And I Will Bring the blind by a Way that they know not; I Will Lead them In paths that they have not known. I Will Make darkness Into light before them And make uneven places into a plain. These things I Have Determined To Do for them; And I Will Not Leave them Forsaken!"  Isaiah 42:16

No matter what I pray to God In the Name of Jesus for, I know He has done what is needed. Before I see it, understand it, or have it in my hand, I know He has done what I need.
 I don't go by how I'm feeling, I go by what I believe! To some that makes no sense-it's not logical-True, by human thinking it's not sensible, it's not logical It's Faith.
Bless God in the Name of Jesus for Faith, Truth, Trust and Belief!

In Mark 11:24  Jesus said,
"Therefore I Say to you, What Ever things you ask When you pray, Believe that you receive them, And you Will Have them."

How many times do we say or hear others say, ''life is not easy!?"
Humans have manipulated what God meant for us to be His Ways of straight paths, not devious & evil, every step filled with obstacles, hindrances and difficulty-Navigating through land mines.

And even with these evil and devious things attempting to stop us, the Lord leads us(His people who live and walk by Faith and Trust In Him),  right on these crooked paths so that We Will Know His Power for us to Get us Through.

  To Know & To Rely on-Depend on & Expect our Lord to Lead us Through each path that has been altered by the evil & devious hearts of some humans, Is a Blessing of Faith! To Not be afraid and to run away from every obstacle saying defeat is mine
We have the choice whether we allow our Lord to handle Every thing, or we try to manipulate things. We have the choice whether we spend our precious time worrying about the details and the outcome, or if we Wait, Trusting by Faith that He has All the details and the outcome Right for us.

We have the choice to Spend our precious time filled with Joy And Peace-praising And worshiping Him in Spirit And Truth, Expecting His Best to be revealed, Or if we decide to spend our precious time sulking, worrying, complaining, with the spirit of impatience and disobedience, fearfully manipulating the situation to fit our fleshy, selfish needs.

Our future is Not our concern, that Is His.

Our past, we Should have handed over to Him, and those that have Done so, have no right to try and dwell within it. It has been burned up, And no one can glue ashes back together.
What we do have is our Present day, Today. 

This Is His Gift to us, one day at a time.
Too many try and fill each day with their past sorrows, lies, hurt, pain, mistakes, failures, resentments, anger, trying to hold onto And putting their trust into their material things.
Dragging these bags of anxieties and fears with them into each New Day, each New Beginning.
Doing this, living this way is Stopping the Flow and Completion of His Will, Plans and Purposes for their lives.

How is our brain and Spirit suppose to bear the strain of all of this?

It can't.
People want change without changing themselves. Going to our Lord asking for His Help to change is what He desires for us.  To perform His Miracles.
Trying to Change one's self With out His Help is Impossible.
 His ability To Provide Is for those that are willing to change, those that have a teachable heart. And often, many have to hit their bottom, before they relent their hold on doing things their way.
Our willingness and desire to have Him change us, opens the Channel for His ability to Help us change.

When you always do what you've always done, you'll Always get what doing that give you.  There will be nothing new or different coming.
It is a form of insanity to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result.

Read the Words that Jesus spoke to us Carefully my friends, He did Not Promise to leave us His Spirit And Comfort And Help for these things. We cannot hold onto all the things of our past and future, And Take Hold of His Spirit of Comfort, Help, and Love trusting Him by Faith at the same time.
Joy And Peace Are some of our Spiritual tools that provide His Power for us to move us through the Gift of each day, one day at a time!

It Is our choice to either allow Him to stand in our gaps of lack, shortcomings, need and Provide Everything that we are in need of, or to keep ourselves irritated, following fears, complaining and worrying, manipulating each day to feed our fears and flesh instead of our Spirit.

We are to be a Help to each other, that is true, but, we are Not to expect others to Carry our Cross for us!

If you live each day your way, Don't ask others to carry Your Cross for you by praying for you!  Pick up Your own Cross and recognize that Jesus Is helping you carry it,  Just as He does with Each one of His beloved children that Allows Him too.

 He said Every problem that we encounter He will solve for us.
The way some humans see the meaning of His invitation to "Come Unto Me",  is often interpreted that we need to pay something owed to our Father God or a debt owed to our Savior.
That is Far from His True meaning of that invitation.
The Wealth and Depth of meaning in His invitation,
"Come Unto Me", Is over and above anything that our little minds are able to think of.  It is the substance of Faith in Him.
He tells us to Just Trust And Believe And Obey Him, And He Will!

Come Unto Him for the solution to Every problem we encounter and have to grow through.

He Calms every fear that we Give to Him, He pours His Truth on Every Lie and Clears And Clarifies Every confusion.
He Provides Every physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual Need that we Bring to Him.
The physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually sick come to Him for Good, Restored health.

Those without homes come to Him for a Home, those with no Real True friends, Come to Him and Claim Him as their Friend.  Those with no Hope seek Refuge in His Love and find Hope to keep living. "Come Unto Me"  He has Spoken to us, For Everything He Shall Provide!

  Psalms 23
Proverbs 25

John 4:23-24
John 14:27 
1 Peter 3:18

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

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