Monday, February 15, 2010


Greetings to you my friends,

I have a word  or two to bring you.   To help ease and remind your heart, your mind that everything is going to be alright.

Let me say this first.....God already knows about them, so there is no reason to keep these things buried in the ground of our hearts, nor pushed way back on the shelves gathering dust.
But Truth Be Told, what you think is hidden, the enemy knows is there and Will Surly use it against you at just the moment to do the most damage to you and yours.

The Lord wants you to know that we have been in a Spiritual Spring for a while now
And at this time, it is He that is messing in your garden.  He Is the Master Gardner.  Remember it was Jesus as a Gardner that Mary saw as she sat crying because her sweet teacher her Lord was not in the cave...His grave.
We all gave Him our hearts, and what is not His, He is cleaning out of our hearts, so that we represent Him as we ought to.  Not as we think we should.
He is getting rid of self.  This means we want the best in us that He has planned.

If that stuff is left in, it will rot, and create more dead places which Will harm the seeds and drain the fruit of it's life before it matures and ripens.  That is not the plans of the Lord for us.

There is a difference between dirt and soil.
Nothing except maybe a few weeds will grow in dirt. There are no nutrients in it to feed the seed.
Soil has the right mixture of what is needed to feed and support the growing of a seed, into a stalk, and to produce the bud, and then the bloom.

He is replacing what is needed in your garden, providing replenishment, making the Balance Right in the soil,  in the ground of the garden,  which is your heart.

So what He decides is in His way at this point of where you are in His plan, He is going to want you to face it kill that nasty life sucking stuff and throw it away.

 The things that we have buried in our hearts, in the ground deep in the soil of our gardens have we hidden... the hurts, pains, sadness, disappointments, fears, the lies that we have turned into our truths...everything that holds us back form moving forward in our desire to be Healed from all of what we have not faced in His Truth. 

There may just be remnants or very large pieces of these things and places in your heart that need to go.
Things that have been brought to your attention to take care of, many times before by the Lord, and we often put them in jars, in cans or ceramic containers and
Put Them On A Shelf...saying we'll face all those things later, just not right now.
All the while hoping that they will just fix themselves, painlessly...that is the issue, we think that it is going to hurt too much to face these 'things'.
But that is Another lie that we have believed for far too long and is now a truth to you.

These things have to be Faced, and removed or they Will continue to hold you captive in a 'running in place' pattern.
And honestly, to tell you the truth, it is going to be easier to face ''these things', no matter what they are,  big or small in your mind...It is going to be easier to let them go, Than to keep hiding them, giving them power over your life, your heart, hindering your movement...stunting your growth... And actually, 'they' aren't as large, as scary or as strong as you have believed since 'these things' entered your life.

Well, I'll tell you this...God is not giving anymore chances to Sit This Stuff Back on the Shelf to be conveniently forgotten and not forgiven!

Now, take a breath, He is not going to have you face everything at one time...this is a process,  so just the things and places in your heart, in your character that have run out of time living in you, and are in His way for what He is ready to do on multiple levels in your life.  According to His plan for you.

These things would consist of but not only = regrets, mistakes that you have never forgiven yourself for making and have not accepted the Lords forgiveness either.

His opportunities that after you rejected them you realized they were from Him.  Ask Him for another chance concerning those things.  If they still fit into His plan then He will send them around again.

Any Selfishness, any material things that you are still worshipping, any people you still harbor unforgiveness for.  Any place in which you may be gearing toward your will more than His.

Any places of ego and pride that still raise their heads a bit too often. Any place in you that still gets offended when His truth is revealed to you in any form. You feel the need to defend yourself out of pride or ego.
Any places of immaturity in your emotional, or Spiritual life.

He is bringing to your attention what you need to face and saying = Take It Off The Shelf and let's face it, kill it and remove it.

  You are at a point with Him, that these opposing spirits will kill the seeds and stunt the plants from producing the Fruit that He has Sown in your heart. They will attack the soil, sucking all of what is needed to feed and support the seeds and plants.

Also, Many of these things can be and probably will be used by the enemy to attack you with.  he knows what thing to lie to you about concerting your past, your heart, what fleshy immature things that you are hiding...etc...and he knows that if he can get any of us to act on his lies, to focus on what he is saying instead of what the Lord has spoken over and in us...then we will stop ourselves...

Remember He has No Power...only lies and manipulation.
If he had any power he would Not have to lie and manipulate us which when we believe him, we give him the power over us. 
And after all that dead, sour, rotten stuff is removed, He is able to fill up that now empty space with more of Him and less of you.
Learn more about Him and more of who he created you to be Through His Truth...
So slow down, relax, we are led by the Lord's Holy Spirit, which operates on God's timing, Listen for the Holy Spirit to say do this, do that, stop, move, etc...
While you are mentally, physically and Spiritually Resting, Read the Beatitudes, Matthew 7, or Matthew 13, and anywhere else that His Spirit Leads you to.

Concerning the situations, the circumstances, the wrongs, the not rights, the stuff we face day to day...There is nothing more you can humanly do, after you have in faith prayed and given these things to the hands of the Father IJN, ......and now you wait, trusting that He has taken care of everything concerning your life.
Because it's really about His Plan, so you Wait, the Right way, in praise, in Joy, in service to Him...there is nothing else you can do but to sit down and learn, and face, kill off and throw away what is in His Way. 
His unconditional love, patience, compassion, integrity, forgiveness, long suffering, strength, trust, faith, dedication, victory, kindness, and truth, Joy, peace, humility, goodness, faithfulness . His Simple Truths, His mysteries, His Love for His people, what He loves and what He hates...

That is all you need to do for now.
 Rest, Listen, Learn, Watch....Keep a watch and allow Him to prepare you...the roots are digging deeper in the soil, as the stalk gets taller and thicker, so that it will be able to support the bud and then the bloom...

He is the Master Gardner...He knows what you need in your Garden.
Next time the Lord points to your shelf, filled with all the things that you placed there to deal with at a later time...Go ahead take that stuff off the shelf-face it, kill it and remove it.

Psalm 51

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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