Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Good day my friends, my sisters and brothers....

**I pray and hope that each of you that reads this will be open, will stay teachable and willing to His Love, His directions, His guidance, surrendered fully to continue to be changed by His love from who the world has made us to be - into who He Created us to be!  He does and can speak to each heart accordingly…In the name of Jesus, I pray and hope this will be true for you-that you have asked to receive from our Lord, and Now you continuously Expect Him!  Amen.**

The Lord has a strategy for each of us that will ask Him for it, And then Wait for Him to reveal it completely in His timing.  He has prophecy, declaration of His Will, He has a sword of Truth to cut from you what needs to go and for you to use to provide freedom to those in bondage….

He has knowledge, wisdom, understanding, all for those that ask for it… He will give….He has promises, the results of being blessed, miracles, healing, for all who do but ask for them all…He Has promised to tell/to warn His people of things to come…If you have ears to hear and eyes that can see, then you will not turn away the message, the warning, that He sends….

We have to Wait until He leads us to do, to say, to help-be of service--How He says and When He says….we cannot do His Work our way, by our thoughts, by our sight, by our power…that is just religious busyness…walking in place, helping no one including ourselves!

People are always telling others, “I’m blessed!”…but they do not live like they are.  If you know you have been blessed by the Lord, then live in the results of being blessed; you will not have to tell anyone that you are—it will be seen by the way you live, the way you act, they way you talk.

The Lord wants you to Rise Up into this new level of Faith that He has moved you INTO.  Rise Up and Know that He Is with you, with us that asked, that lean on Him, that rely on Him, that are willing and teachable…... 

He is leading and guiding us into the Fullness of our destiny spoken by His heart for each of us…and He Will be With us throughout this Journey until the very end of the age.

He will always provide to us Spiritually First, then in the natural.  It is His Process of divine order. Being impatient will not hurry Him, but will hinder you and your progress.  Stop seeking material stuff for instant gratification! 

Think about this….If people spent as much time in God’s presence as they do shopping, thinking of what they don’t have, thinking about how to get more stuff, etc…they would not be so shallow and empty as they are. Trying to fill up the spaces and places in their lives that ONLY the Lord can sit in.

I hear people talking about catching the sales, wondering how they can spend their gift cards…the thought came to me…I wondered if any of these people used those sales to buy some things for the women’s and childrens shelter….I wondered if any of the people that received gifts cards (that they maybe really didn’t need) just walked up to someone who is poor and maybe homeless and just gave them away…I wonder…..

 Do Not turn and hide and run away, fearful of the world and its evil…do not allow the power of evil to direct your thoughts, your speech, and your heart speaking its lies to you.

Our destiny has been written and sealed by Him, And it Shall come to pass if only you will Believe.  Abide in Him, Walk with Him Stay with Him knowing that as each storm of life arises He is with us Greatly to help us through them.  We come out stronger than we went in.

Out of Heaven out of the Kingdom shall flow all that we need, all that we require for each day. But you must ask to receive as He sends.

Isaiah 45:11-12
John 16:13
Romans 8:38

 Many of you keep recoiling at the first smell, sight and hearing of any approaching adversity, and this is because of all that each of you has already been through.

But, let me tell you this truth from the Lord, He is calling us forth to a new level of Boldness, of Faith, of Trusting Him so that we can press through with His Power that  He has already Provided. He Is calling us to Rise Up to this new level that He has put us on. 

Through our Faith we Know the assurance that He Is Always With us and will always give us the strength we need to overcome, pushing through, learning what we don’t know and receiving the correction that we need.  The deepness of the Peace we have because we put our Faith to His Power, adds to our character and our purpose.

John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

As you begin to reflect on this past year of your life, examine how far He has brought you since last year.  Do not give importance to what you have done on your own, whether they be mistakes or something you feel is good; but See what the Lord has done for you, through you and for His people, for Himself, His Kingdom.  

Please do not measure yourself by the worlds standard of being human and of living…you will always be disappointed and ineffective this way.  See and know the truth that He has done for you and in you, the changes that He knew needed to be done, and continue to Allow His Spirit to correct everything else that needs to be as He knows it. 

Confess to Him that you have made up yoru mind to stay this course, or the winds of trouble, will blow you over and under the waters that we walk on!

Look for every way, place and space in which you have blocked your own growth in His love.  Reflect upon the times where you have disobeyed His directions and ignored His guidance when given to you….Guided by His Holy Spirit, Start here and move forward for the upcoming year.

Are you gathering stuff in place of growing in Him? Are you fence sitting concerning certain parts and areas of your Spiritual and natural life?  Examine your ways to see if you are still living and moving and thinking by His Spirit.

The Lord has Already Poured over us His Extra Measure of Grace that we need.  He knows this – Now, so do we.

He has Already exerted His Holy influence over our lives in order to Spiritually and naturally strengthen us to build up our Faith in Him.

We have been given the Spirit of and the power to discern all things.  We have to discern what He has already done for us and through us, to enjoy the fragrance that His presence releases when He is around.  Such sweetness does His Love provide to those that He cherishes…..

2 John 1:3

-end of part 1-

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading for the better part if not the whole of this year. I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate your blog.May God continue to bless you and your family.

wisdomteachesme said...

i am touched deeply in my heart Anon...thank you for sharing your love and thankfullness with is because I live for HIm that this blog exist!
Be well,,, and thank for being a visitor here and I pray that you will continue to visit here and be given comfort and peace from here! much Love and Joy to you! IJN, AMEN!